Turning the Key on New Child Care Home Rules

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We turned the key last week on our new rules for child care homes (child care homes provide “pay” child care between 5 and 10 kids).  The new rules officially went into effect on September 30.  We crafted the new rules to go hand in hand with SB 1315, which outlines the standards for child care homes. The new rules eliminate our former obsolete, unnecessary, and duplicative requirements.  We simplified the application process and also reduced insurance requirements.  We also updated training needs for staff to prepare food, formula, and breast milk.  The new rules allow operators to use prescription meds to treat life-threatening conditions (like asthma).  The new rules are simpler for everyone to use, easier for providers to comply with, while improving the health and safety of kids cared for in certified child care homes.  Here’s a newly developed checklist on our revamped child care licensing website to help folks figure out the newly streamlined rules.  We’ll also be conducting training events to help operators.

This final rulemaking rounds out our yearlong effort to streamline our rules for all child care facilities.  Last year we updated the regulations for child care centers (places that care for 11 or more kids).  These rule revisions were a true collaborative effort among folks from all over the agency- and folks from the community and regulated facilities.  Nice work!


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  1. josie says:

    My daughter was at work with me until she started walking. Not in HOME either. At my WORK. i would lay a playmat down for her to roll around on. I got her a bit jeep as she got older to cruise around the office in. And also a jumperoo and swing. It figured out fine. I’d say if your at a desk… it would be NO problem having himthere with you. you can surprisingly do alot while feeding… on a computer. And then during naptimes… save your more challenging stuff for then.
    It can compute. but as she started walking it was harder to monitor what all she was getting into… therefore, she now goes to daycare.

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