The School Day Just Got Healthier

September 17th, 2013 by Will Humble Leave a reply »

Nearly 32 million U.S. kids get meals at school every day- and the meals are based on new nutrition standards from the USDA.  Kids attending the schools that participate in the program will have more vegetables and fruits, less fat and salt, and more whole grains. Portion sizes will better meet the needs of growing children. The changes to make for a healthier school day will also provide parents opportunities to help create stronger school wellness policies. If you pack a lunch for your child to take to school, remember to take steps to keep the lunch safe to eat.



  1. Josh says:

    Good news for parents and for kids as well. I hope that these program will work exactly the way they are expected to do and children become healthier rather than obese.

  2. Healthy snacks for kids says:

    I really like that new standards. I hope that this program will work. Healthy food for kids has a bigger role than most people think, especially for the young ones. Scienctist says that unhealthy eating at school and child obesity has a very close connection. Eating good food in the young ages can affect greatly the health as an adult.

  3. bill says:

    Nice! Now let’s take it a step farther and teach these kids to grow those fruits and veggies!

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