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  1. Mark Lawless says:

    I was told that the license for cultivation are already being granted. I have seen nothing and can find nothing to substantiate this information. First is it true and second to what degree do we need to be ready to go into production.
    Thank you,
    Mark Lawless

    • Will Humble says:

      Nothing is being granted at this time, and won’t be until around April when the rules are finalized. Please refer to the draft rules at azdhs.gov.

      • Mark Lawless says:

        Thanks for the reply, I am sure you and your team must feel like you are under cannon fire, I wouldn’t want your position but admire how quickly you are handling the responses. Once again thanks for the information.

  2. Sheelah Golliglee says:

    To date, in your opinion, what is the strongest strategy point DHS has implemented in order to maintain a SAFE and SECURE operation? And are there additional safety measures still in the works?

  3. We own a building in Mesa and have been designated as a possible site for a dispensary. I have found that a public or private school has to be at least 500 feet away, but are there any other restrictions, i.e., churches, gymnastics, etc. I have been unable to find this information. thank you for your assistance.

    • Will Humble says:

      In the original initiative it states that you have to be at least 500 feet away from a school, but for all other zoning conditions you are going to have to check with the city that your building is located in.

  4. Todd Zelinski says:

    Will one need a Dispensary Certificate in order to have a Cultivation site? or will they be seperate Certificate.

  5. Ed Lappi says:

    If I submitted two applications for dispensary license, would I be eligable for two licenses? Are you allowing only one license per person or company?

  6. David Scott says:

    Hi Will,

    I have spent he night looking over new public comments, seems the 25 mile and home cultivation is big issue (as relates to costs). No place in Prop 203 does it say a card holding patient can’t grow his own marijuana even if lives within the 25 mile. It does say that if the patient lives 25 or more that he/she can designate a caregiver to cultivate for them. But no place does it prohibit the patient. The legislative read (don’t recall what it was called) at end of Prop is where it is mis-stated. Check it out and let me know if I am totally off base?

    Thanks and good luck,

    Dave Scott

  7. Ed Lappi says:

    Are the different CHAAs or cities going to make dispensary license recomendations to ADH?
    If so, does that change the criteria for granting the license?

  8. Nancy Bell says:

    This post is not about medical marijuana, although I would like to find a list of doctors who are supportive of the new legislation (not necessarily who will prescribe for it)
    My post concerns methadone clinics.
    Are you aware that the clinics’ hours of operation are limited to 4AM to 12 PM. The buses don’t run until nearly 6 AM why are the clinics allowed to operate for 2 hours when some of the population cannot get there? especially for intake appts.
    Will there be any changes in the methadone dispensary rules now that medical marijuana has passed?

  9. Priscilla Wolfe says:

    Dear Mr. Humble, with all due respect to your efforts, your inclusion of zoning, and the necessity for a lease agreement and/or secured real property purchase of a specified location as a requirement for licensing, is highly inflammatory and has created an environment of unethical and extortive behaviors from professionals in the real estate industry. As a native of Arizona and father of a former attorney and developer, I am, to say the least, disgusted with the unprofessional and unethical nature of the actions of hired professionals in the industry. Never in the history of this state has the ADHS been involved in planning and zoning law. Never in the history of professional licensing in this state, has the requirement been based on a lease agreement or purchase contract for real property. I find these actions to be unlawful, unethical and extortive. I am requesting that you reconsider that the lease or purchase of real property be excluded from your final rules. It is clear Mr. Humble that the Department of Health Services continues to ignore the requirements of ARS 36-2803.4 that its rulemaking be “without imposing an undue burden on nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries…”

    • Will Humble says:

      The draft rules do not require a lease or purchase agreement, the draft rules do require the physical address of the dispensary. Except for a few requirements in the Initiative, zoning may be enacted by the local municipality, as cited and provided below:

      36-2806.01.Dispensary locations

  10. Priscilla Wolfe says:

    Will, thank you for your response. While your response is appreciated, I contend that a physical address in connection to licensing might as well have stated the requirement to be lucky “building owners, tenants or commercial brokers” are those to be qualified for licensing. I do not believe that location requirements should be a consideration of the Department of Health and Human Services with respect to licensing.

  11. R Bonner says:

    Dear Mr. Humble:

    I have been working with several partners to research the requirements of both the ADHS and local municipalities for opening a medical marijuana dispensary. I have read the current draft rules, attended public meetings, read several city ordinances and talked to planning staff of numerous municipalities. I applaud your initiation in the second draft of the rules of a two step application process, but I have bumped up against several “Catch 22″ situations in trying to figure out how to comply with both your State regulations as well as local municipal codes. I realize that the comment period is over, but felt these issues should be brought to your attention, as I have only recently stumbled upon them.

    The requirement in R-9-17-303 B.1.b of identifying “the physical address of the proposed dispensary” in the first phase of the application process is causing chaos. Take for instance the community of Carefree, which has a very limited area that complies with their municipal codes for locating a dispensary. Potential dispensary operators have or are tying up the few locations without having State approval, limiting the pool of applicants from which ADHS can select from and collect fees from. In another instance, the City of Scottsdale has instituted a text amendment to their zoning ordinances requiring a Conditional Use Permit for dispensaries and requiring a separation between any two medical marijuana facilities. It is possible that two dispensaries in different CHAAs (or a dispensary ond a grow site in the same CHAA) could obtain State approval but be too close together to comply with city ordinances even though both may have gotten prior City approval. In that case, one facility would have to change location, which may not be permitted under current State regulations. This all seems like unproductive nonsense which could all be avoided if a prospective dispensary operator were allowed to apply for a Dispensary Registration Certificate in a specific CHAA without having to provide a specific address or obtain a special use permit until the second phase of the application process when the successful applicant in each CHAA would apply for Approval to Operate a Dispensary. With a Dispensary Registration Certificate in hand, that future operator could choose from all available sites and work out the logistics with the local municipality to find the best suitable location meeting all legal requirements and that dispensary’s ability to operate successfully and best serve the public long term. Additionally, ADHS would likely receive more application revenue to finance the program under this scenario; city planning departments would not be tasked to process numerous dead end use permits, and landlords would not be falsely getting their hopes up of leasing spaces.

    Additionally, as you are likely aware, many municipalities are requiring “special use permits” for medical marijuana facilities. Many people are reading your proposed rule R9-17-303B.5 as necessitating such special use permits for a medical marijauna facility prior to application for a Dispensary Registration Certificate. I do not know what the department’s intent was with this rule. These permits are expensive to apply for (about $2,500 in Scottsdale) and doing so will tie up City staff time in processing unnecessary applications when only one of many applicants will obtain State approval. Also, several municipalities are granting “reserved locations” based on priority of special use permit application to individuals who may not even meet minimum State requirements, which then limits locations available to subsequent applicants.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  12. Aaron says:

    Testing Laboratories. Will the state require any certifications in that Federal certification seems a contradiction.

  13. Susan Fox says:

    I am a bit concerned as to how the department is dealing with the out of state physician ‘mills’. There are several in Tucson that are not in compliance with the state rules. These businesses have been seeing patients since March neglecting to follow state guidelines as well as appropriate forms. I feel this is unfair to patients to spend less than 20 minutes to receive a physical and review of medical records. Will the department be monitoring/fining these corporations from out of state and perhaps issuing fines?

    • Will Humble says:

      We will monitor all doctors and supply licensing boards with information for possible disciplinary action.

  14. Chaz Hanson says:

    Where do we get started on applying for the MM card I have my certification on the proper form and my attestation form signed and in PDF formatting, but I can’t find where to get started on the website? Thank you nice job C.H

  15. Nta-gd-ida says:

    How will the Govt. know if the pot that is being sold is of Govt. standard? Is the Govt. going to supply the seeds so all pot is the same or will the growers going to be able to sell what they have been growing already? Where does all these growers get so many strains of pot? Is it all Govt. pot. Will the growers be able to grow inside with grow lights and hydroponic gardening? I also think that the growers should be drug tested monthly to be sure they aren’t sampling the product. They will be working and not have some chronic health issue so they don’t need to be using it. No one else just gets to try it! The sick and dying are having to lay in bed suffering trying to afford the ridiculous prices they are going to have to pay while just getting by while the growers get fat rich selling pot on their own. The Govt. should have been the ones operating the dispensaries, not Joe-Joe the dog faced boy!

    • Will Humble says:

      Where the dispensaries get the initial seeds from is not our jurisdiction..so we do not have an answer for you.

  16. WonderBoy says:

    What does it take to be a cultivator? I have 10 acres, can I have a dispensary or does the growing area have to be inside with the expensive grow lights, the high electricity bill or is that just how it is. Does the Government have GRANTS for starting this kind of business or state aide? Will it be your own personal business, and a cap on how much one can charge per gram? I think the Government should be in the pot growing business. That would put all the personal growers out of business because I think the Government could sell for less and no one would buy off the street. PLUS, it would help with the deficit.

  17. Samuel Patterson says:

    It is not clear if a person trying to get get a card has to send in finger prints. Some Doctors say yes and some say no. So what is it yes or no, and how do people send them to you.

    Thank You

    • Will Humble says:

      If you are applying to be a qualified patient you do not need to submit fingerprints..if you are applying to be a designated caregiver or dispensary agent then yes, you will need to submit fingerprints.

  18. Shawna Anderson says:

    my dr. sent up all my documentation to AZ Dept. of HEalth I got a letter in email that I have been prccessed and approved. Is that my temp. card? And how long is it taking to get card in mail?

    • Will Humble says:

      We mail out the cards after they are approved, it just all depends on where you are in the system.

  19. Hugh says:

    I have reviewed the regulations, and apparently there is a requirement that applicants not owe any government entity money. Does this include back taxes owed to the County Treasurers’ Department? I own some properties that are of such low market value that they are not worth keeping the taxes current. However, I am unclear on whether there is any simple legal means to divest myself of them other than simply waiting several years for the default process of ownership transferring back to the county. Will this technicality prevent me from, or decrease my chances of, successfully getting a license? Or, is it necessary to go through a formal process of abandoning the properties immediately, which may be complicated or even impossible?

  20. CAREGIVER says:

    I have a questions about caregiver reimbursement from patient for their medicine:
    1- How do I report that for tax?( Is it consider taxable income?)
    2- Do caregiver have to obtain resale tax license as dispensary?

    I have fail to find the answers to those questions. I google the internet, nothing came up.
    I contact the AZ department of Revenue, they said they don’t have the answer for that.

    Can you please direct me to the right place to get answers? I don’t want a tax evasion problem.
    Thank you.

  21. SURPRISE says:

    Dear Mr. Humble,

    I have been helping other people with the applying process and been very happy with the process. But this week, I have been having this problem, I think it is with the system software. Can you please look into it?
    I would fill out the application, complete it and save a copy. And IF I get an email requesting info to be resubmitted (like the patient attest form not dated or wrong birthday on physician certification form) and I would follow the link, and just upload the form, not changing any correct info as instructed, the next day, the patient status got approved, but when I help locate the caregiver, it would not be found.
    This have happened to a couples of applicants that I help.
    Somehow the original application got deleted out the caregiver part, I think.
    The operator cannot help and tell us to wait 2 weeks, when the correction link post up, go through that process. The operator state that “have not heard of that problem, and hundred of applications was process just fine”, would not forward this info to the office and reject the copy of application file that I sent.

    Waiting is not a problem, I just want to bring that up and see if someone from the technical department can help answer that problem.
    Hopefully that is something that can be check out.
    I would be more than happy to provide the application numbers so they can check and figure out what happened.

    Thank you

    • Will Humble says:

      We are aware of the problem and I am happy to report that it has been fixed.
      Thank you!

      • SURPRISE says:

        Yes, Mr.Humble, I am very please with the service now. Thank you for attending to the problems and getting them resolved in a timely manner.

  22. happy says:


    Can the doctor that write the certification be the caregiver for the patient? Is there a conflict in interest?

    Also if a caregiver has 5 patients that now move out of the city for work/school and they need the caregiver to bring medical marijuana to them when the caregiver harvest, how much can the caregiver carry? Is it still only 2.5 oz total or 2.5 oz per patient?

    It is a two hour drive. It would be very difficult to only bring 2.5 oz for one patient then comeback to do another delivery service for the other patient.
    Just want some clarification.
    Thank you.

    • Will Humble says:

      You may want to check with the Physicians Board regarding a conflict of interest. 2nd question; it is 2.5 ounces per patient.

  23. Dr. H says:

    What is your position on collectives & clubs, where authorized MM patients can buy/acquire medicine? several are currently advertising & asking people to donate excess medicine, which they then sell or give to other patients. They do charge membership fees for club privileges. Will you regulate & oversee these organizations?

  24. Debbie Lee Brown says:

    Director Humble;
    1st, Thank you for processing the patient cards right away. I’m a 51 year old grandmother who has suffered from chronic pain since the age of 8. I have had allergic reactions to NSAID’s and have a very hard time with prescription narcotics because of their side effects of nausea. I’ve already been able to eat better and actually have been able to do things I haven’t done in 15 years. BUT, I have a huge concern. I realize that cannabis clubs and dispensaries seem like a valid option for most people, but there is absoultly no way I could afford to go even just once a month to a cannabis club, and then would probably only be given enough to last just a few days. Frankly $100.00 represents 10% of my income. So if I went once a week to a cannabis club, that would be 40% of my monthly income and considering that would leave me less than 600.00 a month to feed, clothe, and house myself, you can see that it’s just not finacially possible.I am aware that the dispenaries are to be non-profit, but before getting to the point I could no longer work I did accounting for non-profit organizations. So to be clear non-profit doesn’t mean that a CEO or the President of the organization is limited in anyway as to what they are allowed to draw as a salary. I can’t afford to help pay a huge salary for the CEO of one of the “non-profit” dispensaries. My AMMA card was issued with an authorization to cultivate, however, I been told that once a dispensary opens with-in 25 miles of me, that I will have to destory what I already have growing. I’ve already invested a great deal of time and money to grow my own so that I could have something affordable available to me. I’ve talked with many of my friends ( since we all tend to hang around other disabled people) and they’ve also stated that this is going to be a big problem for them too. This law was designed to allow citizens like me and my friends who have chronic, debilatating medical conditions to use a much more “body friendly” medication. I realize that what I’m able to grow will not have the potency of what will be available in the dispensaries, but it,s like having your own garden, the tomatoes still taste good even if they aren’t as big as the ones in the store and it’s always much cheaper to grow your own. Being allowed to continue to cultivate for myself will mean a big difference to my standard of living, not only economically, but also physically. Also to point out, seldom is new legislation enacted that it doesn’t require some amending. I beleive that because of the high costs of cannabis clubs and dispensaries, that equal access to medical marijuna is being denied the less fortunate in our state, and I would be one of them. For these reasons, I ask that you consider amending the existing law reguarding the 25 mile radius from dispensaries and allow for people like me,(the ones the law was designed to help) to continue to grow our own under the guidelines set forth in the rest of the act.

    Debbie Brown

  25. How can I become a volunteer ombudsman for nursing homes??

  26. Daniel says:

    I am beginning to be concerned about the Medical Marijuana Act. Who is in charge of enforcing the Act? I have found a handful of Illegal dispensaries and I as a patient do NOT want to get caught in any legal issue. I thought the Act would protect patients. It seems it is allowing people to illegally sell marijuana.

    Check this organization Out:
    Arizona Cannabis Society L.L.C.
    Not listed os a Non profit and acting as a dispensary.

    Best Regards

    • Will Humble says:

      Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statues 36-2802(E),the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) does not authorize any person to engage in, and does not prevent the imposition of any civil, criminal or other penalties for engaging in the use or marijuana except as authorized by the AMMA.

      The Arizona Department of Health Service’s enforcement authority pursuant to the AMMA is limited to the revocation of a person’s registry identification card when the person is found to have: used marijuana in a manner that is not authorized by the AMMA, sold marijuana to a person who is not allowed to possess marijuana for medical purposes under the AMMA, or knowingly violated the AMMA. If you feel that criminal violation of the AMMA or other Arizona law are taking place, you may want to contact your local law enforcement agency.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Az … get a grip! you have real crime issues there. Don’t waste your time on people that just want to relax.

  28. Guy Vanest says:

    I am currently unemployed 53 yr old male. I have constant back and leg pain. I am trying to find out if Az. AHCCCs wil pay all or at least part of the costs associated with the application process and card fees once a doctor has determined that I am a candidate for the program also will they pay for the doctor as the Dr. must be certified for mma and AHCCCS Dr.s must be in a certain area from where a patient lives. Thank you.

  29. Michael Miller says:

    I need a list of Drs. that can sign the documents needed in Flagstaff and north. Especially in Page.
    When calling some of the sites on the web, I am told that information is classified and not available to the public. This doesn’t seem right. It seems that they don’t want anyone to find Doctors elsewhere to make you shop at their place and pay whatever they charge.

  30. Ryan says:

    Hi Will,
    I am interested in manufacturing and distributing edibles and drinks infused with marijuana to licensed dispensaries, is there a license i can obtain in order to do so or do i need to be an agent of a licensed dispensary.

  31. susan says:

    Dear Director Humble,
    Can a doctor who prescribes the medical marijuana be located in the same building as the dispensary?

    • Will Humble says:

      A physician may be able to provide written certification to a patient with a debilitating medical condition, in a registered nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary if the physician is not a medical director for a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary. You may want to also check with the appropriate medical board for further clarification.

  32. Dee says:

    Dear Mr. Humble, Here it is, almost the end of September, is there or will there soon be a dispensary in the Bullhead/Ft. Mohave area soon? I’ve followed all the rules, have my card….pay my renewals and yet there still is not a safe place for the elderly or disabled to make their purchases. How much longer do we pay for nothing? I respect your opinions and advice and know at least you tell the truth. Most respectfully, Dee

  33. Ed Potter says:

    Mr. Humble – what role does achss play in this? I am a chronic pain patiant, soon to get a card. I use achss as I am on SSI. My doctor has told me I have to choose – Between MMJ and the narcotics. your section says that my provider Ahccs may provide a letter of recommandation. See 43 CFR 440.120. what is the Official policy with the ahcccs in relation to a cardholder and dispensing narcotics to a legitimate patient? The VA allows it – so much for federal law trumping state law – is accchs (Medicaid) allowed to prescribe narcotics for me and let me smoke? for me? Also, Urine tests are NOT mandatory under federal law or state law as I understand it. why then, if they are not satisfied with the results of a $25. test cup, they send it out for a $800.+ gct(gas chromatomgraphy when the cup MAY indicate MMJ? and only mmj – IMHO, this is a huge waste of taxpayer money.
    I hope I have posted this in the right place.
    Anxiously wait for your reply.
    You seem like an honorable man, I trust you or I would not be writing
    Thank You
    George potter

  34. ed potter says:

    what is the position of acchs on the prescribibing of narcotics to a mmj card holder by an accchs doctor?

    • Will Humble says:

      Ed/George Potter,
      Please consult with AHCCCS on this as they are a separate entity from us, we are at the Administration level.

  35. ed potter says:

    Fair enough – who then DO i contact at AHCCCS

  36. Sam says:

    Mr. Humble,

    My wife and I recently began offering MMJ certifications to some of our patients. A common question that I have not been able to answer is whether or not the patient must already have obtained their certification card in the mail before obtaining medicine. They want to know if simply submitting an application and having that application printed is sufficient until the card arrives. I haven’t been able to find the answer despite my best efforts and every time I call the AZ DHS MMJ office no-one answers or returns my calls. I want to make sure our patients are in compliance before they leave my office. Can you help? Please let me know if I need to clarify my question.

    • Will Humble says:

      Submittal of an application is not sufficient. ADHS needs to evaluate the application and its supporting documentation is sufficient. Once ADHS determines that the information is complete and compliant, a registry ID card will likely be issued. To answer your other question, the renewal will go into effect after the current card expires.

  37. Sam says:

    One more thing Mr. Humble,

    If a patient submits a renewal within 30 to 90 days prior to their current card’s expiration date, is the renewal good for one year from the renewal application approval or is it good for another full year after their card would have expired? Does that question make sense? I would imagine that, if the renewal took effect right away then, over time, they would have to pay for more certifications. Is that the case? I apologize, but was unable to find an answer to that question either.

    Thank you very much. I just feel that the physician processing the applications should be fully aware of how these things could affect them.


  38. Anonymous says:

    Dr Mr. Humble,

    I was just wondering, if medibles and candies and such are allowed under the MMJ act (as you state they are in your blog), why then are the police still confiscating everything but flowers when they pull you over for anything at all and find out that you are an MMJ patient? Is there anything that you could do to let law enforcement know that these are legal and are not subject to confiscation?

    • Will Humble says:

      In order to sell medibles, the seller must obtain a food handlers license. At this time, no one is authorized to sell medibles because a dispensary has yet to open it’s doors. I am sorry, but we don’t control law enforcement and there is nothing we can do.

  39. Joseph H says:

    Hello Mr Humble,

    I would like to know how the 25 miles from a dispensary are going to be measured because I heard the measurement is going to be based on how the crow flies but I just read the law and “crow flies” wording in nowhere in the law so I would like to know who can up with that policy?

    • Will Humble says:

      Joseph H,
      If you are located “within” 25 miles of an operating dispensarie, the Department will notify you.

  40. Keith Davis says:

    Dear Mr. Humble,

    We need an updated, accurate, website that provides proficient dispensary locations and news. Currently it is very difficult to learn when a dispensary has opened, or, if it has already opened, where it is.

    Please hire a freelance programmer to use Google Maps API to create map that shows current dispensary locations. Not caregiver circles, not delivery services, just dispensaries.

    I cannot stress how difficult it is for a patient to search online “Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries,” then actually find a dispensary. Using the aforementioned search phrase, AZDHS is the second search result at http://www.azdhs.gov/medicalmarijuana/dispensaries/
    Unfortunately, this busy web page leads you to believe it can locate a dispensary for you, only to disappoint. The outdated page shows enough information for 10 pages, about 90% irrelivent to the patient.

    The CHAA Map shows zones for dispensaries. Why not hire the same person who made that map to update the zones, showing whether or not a paticular zone has its dispensary up and running?

    Thanks for your progress this far, and keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,

    Keith Davis

    • Will Humble says:

      Keith Davis,
      Per this link regarding dispensary locations, one of the questions on the page asks & answers the following:

      Where can I find a list of operating dispensaries?
      When a qualifying patient application is approved, the list of operating dispensaries will be included as an attachment in the approval email that is automatically generated from the system. ADHS cannot provide the list of operating dispensaries by any other means (A.R.S. §36-2810(A)(2)).


      • Keith Davis says:

        Mr. Humble,

        Thanks you for your quick reply.

        I did not realize that my requests violated Arizona law and I apologize for making you, most likely, repeat something you’ve stated multiple times.

        Are there other alternatives, law permitting, for a patient to locate a dispensary other than their yearly email? Would it be legal to create a website where authorized patients could log in to locate dispensaries?

        Thank you,

        • Will Humble says:

          Keith Davis,
          Try researching dispensaries on the internet, also..if you are looking to start a website you should consult an attorney, as I cannot give legal advice; I can only speak to how the law affects the department.

          • Keith Davis says:

            mr. humbLE,

            after takinG your Advice and conducting more internet research, I was abLe to fInd a recently updated Zone map with thE locatIons of dispensaries.


  41. rYAN says:

    I am a small business owner in arizona and am curious if i am allowed to permit licensed card holders to use medical marijuana in my business? Are there any restrictions?

  42. Daniel Rose says:

    My comment involves the cost.My understanding is it was not the voters who have set the cost of the program.The 75.00 reduction for people on food stamps is not enough and what does being on food stamps have to do with medical marijuana. I ask for the director to waive all of the fee for low income disabled people

  43. Daniel Rose says:

    I have spoken with several of my local representatives about them publicaly stating that the cost of the medical marijuans program is defeating the will of the voters.I have had some sucess in getting my representatives to admit the cost is too high but getting them to go public is another thing.I will still keep trying to get the cost lowered for all but it is a frustrating uphill battle.I would like to see some solidarity from other people who’s illness prevents them from working,and paying this high fee.Together we have more strenght than we do alone

  44. Daniel Rose says:

    I wanted to ask if I simply need to apply for food stamps and have my income verified or do I need to get approved for food stamps.Applying and getting approved are two different things.I certainly think there could have been a better way to verify a persons income than to tie the medical marijuana program to the food stamp program.

  45. Ryan Kracinski says:

    Hi Director Humble,

    I wanted to ask you a quick question in regards to when the AZDHS plans on accepting more applications for prospective business owners. Is there going to be another drawing soon or another process someone can follow in order to open a dispensary?

    I appreciate your time and consideration.


  46. marie says:

    I just moved to Arizona and want to apply for medical marijuana. How long do I have to be a resident?

  47. bob schmidtg says:


    When are you coming to CDC , perhaps you can pencil us in before the end of the year, we have much to discuss

  48. Jorge Escarcega says:

    Hello. I am a Pateint of the MMJ program and I was wondering , what Is the situation with Concentrates? Will we as pateints be granted a place to purchase them anywhere in the state? They really help releive my painin my foot. I would like to know if the state will grant there use.


  49. Will Humble says:

    A Complaint was filed against the ADHS and me among others in Maricopa County Superior Court this week. It’s called a “Request for Declaratory Judgment and Permanent and Preliminary Injunction”. It basically asks the to declare that: 1) extracts and resins from the marijuana plant are protected in the definition of “Useable Marijuana” under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act; and to 2) protect dispensaries, patients, caregivers, and agents from criminal prosecution for violations of Title 13 “Cannabis” statutes. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the thumbnail sketch of the Complaint. This relates to one of my previous posts entitled Marijuana v. Cannabis.

  50. Kevin Walsh says:

    Dear Dr. Humble:

    I expect you’ve been run ragged about medical marijuana these past few years, but there’s another aspect of marijuana that the Department of Health Services ought to address–the harm caused by recreational use of marijuana.

    Given that Washington and Colorado have decriminalized the smoking of marijuana and there is the possibility that Arizona may eventually do so, you ought to have a public service campaign warning of the dangers of smoking it, particularly to young people. Just because it may become legal doesn’t make it healthy.

    Dr. Marc Seal and others in a recent Australian study have found that marijuana atrophies the white matter of the human brain among chronic users, sometimes as much as 80%, and Dr. Michael Bloomfield in a British study found that marijuana users have low dopamine levels, causing lack of motivation. Other studies show that for those who start young the damage may be permanent and lead to schizophrenia.

    Many people are unaware of these dangers and honestly believe that marijuana is harmless. The public should be told the risk they take if they start smoking it.


    Kevin Walsh