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Another Social Media Accolade

May 23rd, 2013

A few weeks ago we were named the #1 social-media-friendly state health department in the U.S due to our robust social media presence and content including blogs, live streaming events, online forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, Flickr and other social media environments.  This week we were highlighted in the latest National Public Health Information Coalition Newsletter.  Jennifer Tweedy- thanks for your leadership and creativity with our social media initiative.

We’re #1 in Social Media

April 24th, 2013

MPH Programs List Top 45 Social Media Public Health Departments 2013It’s unusual to go through a day without reading, referencing, or interacting on social media. For many, it’s become the preferred source for news, visiting with friends and family both close and far away, and accessing services. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, Flickr—the list is endless—offer online connectivity that was only imagined not long ago.  We’ve made using social media a key priority as a means to achieve many of the elements in our Strategic Map.

Wednesday we received a reminder that our efforts in promoting public health with social media is noticed nationally.  We’ve been recognized by “MPH Programs List as the #1 social-media-friendly state health department in the U.S due to our robust social media presence and content.  We’ve also been recognized as a leading user of social media in Arizona state government with an online companion case study to Social Media in Healthcare: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate by Christina Beach Theist… which highlights the various ways ADHS is interacting with Arizona citizens via blogs, live streaming events, online forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media environments.

As always…  our success with social media is a team effort, in this case led by Jennifer Tweedy.  Jennifer, her team and the rest of the department that continually refreshes our social media presence with interesting content are making a difference in AZ and nationwide.


September 19th, 2012

Our chronic disease prevention team and the county health departments, community partners, and Pima Prevention Partnership, officially launched STAND last week.  It’s a coalition of local youth groups that have banded together in a common cause against tobacco use.  It’s the culmination of a three-year effort to engage more youth in the actual planning and implementation of tobacco control.  Through adult and youth trainings, an annual celebratory conference, and an increased online presence via STAND Facebook and, local coalitions retain their identities while maximizing their impact on a statewide basis. 

Trainings for adult coalition leaders, as well as youth coalition members, have been held regionally during both the fall and spring in Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson.  Adult coalition leaders learn how to effectively foster youth coalition development, assist the coalition members where needed and provide additional logistical support. Individual technical assistance is provided where needed to both youth and adults.  Trainings for the youth include education on advocacy, public speaking, social media and message development. A winter summit is in the works that will bring together youth to start planning for the end of the year youth tobacco coalition conference. 

Building on the momentum and outcomes of the highly-successful Venomocity campaign, this represents an expansion of our youth prevention efforts that now includes youth coalition activities, prevention outreach, point-of-sale efforts including the Attorney General’s sting operations, and the FDA program.  As the centralized hub of activity STAND will provide information and resources for youth and adult leaders.  Facebook and YouTube sites have also been created to tap into the social media opportunity that presents itself when working with youth. 

While overall use of tobacco among Arizona youth has mirrored the national trend of leveling off, Arizona has seen the single largest decrease in overall consumption (measured by teens who report smoking more than ten cigarettes per day).  This new launch of intensifying youth-to-youth involvement is the result of our robust formative research in figuring out the how’s and why’s of successful interventions.

CDC Kicks Off New Smoking Intervention Campaign Today

March 19th, 2012

The CDC is kicking off a new national smoking cessation campaign today called “Tips from Former Smokers”.  The new tobacco education campaign will begin airing today and will run nationally for 12 weeks.  Ads include television, radio, billboard, magazine, newspaper, theater, and online placements. In addition, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other channels will help spread the campaign’s message more broadly, particularly among younger audiences. 

The “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign features real people suffering as a result of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.  Most of them were diagnosed with smoking-related illnesses when they were relatively young—many in their 30s and 40s, and one at only 18.  Their stories send a powerful message: Quit smoking now. Or better yet—don’t start.   To view the ads, please visit the campaign’s website and look under “Real Stories.” 

A couple of months ago we expanded our arsenal of resources to help smokers quit tobacco with the addition of the Call it Quits app which is also on our Facebook page.  The Call It Quits app on Facebook is another free tool brought to you by the ASHLine to help smokers win their battle against tobacco. The Arizona Smokers’ Helpline, has been helping Arizonans quit for more than 15 years-and has a 40% quit rate at six months.

Social Media and Emergencies

August 8th, 2011

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… all these social media outlets are changing the way people communicate… with their friends, co workers, and even about breaking news.  In the power outage in the Valley last month, SRP provided speedy updates for their customers about when the power would be back on and where they could pick up ice – much faster than local news could get it to them.   We’ve been at the front of the movement to use social media to get out our public health messages.  Social media is increasingly being recognized nationally and internationally as an important tool for responding to disasters. Check out a great new article in the New England Journal of Medicine called Integrating Social Media into Emergency-Preparedness Efforts– which discusses the importance of leveraging this increasingly valuable tool into public health preparedness response planning.

Limit the Sun, Not the Fun

May 27th, 2011

Today is Don’t Fry Day – a day established by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention to remind people of the importance of sunscreen.  In Arizona, we need more than a day – it is more of a season and now that school’s just about out (or is), kids have more time on their hands for outdoor fun.  The vast majority of a person’s lifetime exposure to the sun occurs by the age of 18- meaning it’s crucial to protect and educate parents and children about common-sense sun safety.  Our SunWise program made YouTube history with its inaugural video contest this year. Junior high and high school students across Arizona were invited to create an original video how to be SunWise when being active outside or making a prom plan not to tan.  Congratulations to 2011 contest winners Anthony Bejarano for his video called When You’re Active Outside, Be SunWise and to Destiny Galindo for her winning video called Make A Prom Plan Not to Tan.

Also, congrats to Joyce Kuang for her winning entry in this year’s poster contest Poster Contest winner. Joyce is a 7th-grade student at Payne Junior High School in Queen Creek. The Arizona Diamondbacks selected her poster from among 6900 entries.  Joyce and teacher Eric Nedow will be celebrated at the Arizona Diamondbacks game on June 15 at Chase Field. Joyce and Mr. Nedow will receive on-field awards, appear on the jumbotron screen, and Joyce’s drawing will be the official SunWise campaign poster for 2011-2012 school year. Congratulations to everyone who entered and to all of this year’s 2011 SunWise Poster Contest Semifinalists.

We hope you enjoy the winning entries as much we do! Learn more about how to protect yourself and family in the sun at

Seat Belts

August 11th, 2010


Check this out.  Here’s a 3 minute You Tube Video clip that St. Mary’s Key Club did on seat belt & texting safety.  St. Mary’s High School has participated in ADHS’ Battle of the Belt program for 3 years now. This will be played  during morning announcements, etc. in High Schools around the state.