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Arizona “Mission of Mercy” Starts Tomorrow

December 12th, 2013

Seems like anytime you hear a 100+ year old person being interviewed about the secret to long life they say “take care of your teeth and feet and drink cod liver oil”.  For good reason.  Good oral health is critical to a person’s overall health. Tooth decay and gum disease are linked with heart disease, stroke and diabetes, and premature births. Many people in our community can’t afford dental care, so they suffer from poor oral health that affects their ability to speak, smile, smell, taste, touch and eat. That’s why the Arizona Dental Mission of Mercy is such an important event for Arizona.  

The event provides free dental services to people in need. Last year about 2,000 people were able to get services. This year’s Mission of Mercy takes place December 13 and 14 at the Arizona Fairgrounds. There’ll be about 100 portable dental units and 1,500 volunteers that will provide more than $1M in free care to children and adults. 

We’re supporting the event through Title V funds and several of our staff volunteered to provide health information about our programs and services to the patients. Thanks to Sheila Sjolander, Wayne Tormala, Jennifer Botsford, Tiana Galindo, Mary Luc, Cristina Ochoa, Margaret Lindsay, Anita Betancourt, Kimberly O’Neill, Mohammed Khan, Sharon Jaycox, Karen Sell, America Coles, Mary Ellen Cunningham, Belen Herner, Matthew Roach, Brandy McMahon, Blanca Caballero, Michael Abbott, Julia Wacloff, and Chris Minnick for volunteering for the event. 

Also, thanks to Maricopa County Public Health for providing flu vaccinations to participants- and a huge thanks to Kevin Earle, the Executive Director of the Arizona Dental Association for his leadership in setting up this year’s Mission.

Dispatch Interventions

June 25th, 2012

About a year ago Ben Bobrow, MD (our EMS Medical Director) came into my office with a great idea to set up a program to train 911 dispatchers in better ways to coach callers through CPR instructions so callers can do a better job before the paramedics get there.  The problem was money.  So I sent him over to our chronic disease prevention team that controls a 2002 voter approved fund which places tobacco tax revenue into a prevention and early detection fund.  Ben got with Wayne Tormala and his team funded and put together the intervention.  

Our team put together and executed training for 911 dispatchers so they can guide the bystander in starting CPR quicker and better.  Led by Dr. Ben Bobrow & CPR Dispatch Program Manager Micah Panczyk, the ADHS Telephone-Assisted CPR program trains 911 dispatch staff on how to guide a caller on the delivery of chest-compression-only CPR. That’s real important- because survival drops by 10% for every minute delay in starting CPR- and the typical wait time for an ambulance is between 5 and 8 minutes.  

Our built in measurement tools suggest that (once implemented statewide) we can expect to save 660 lives every year in AZ with this intervention alone.  It just goes to show you that public health can save lives in unusual ways if you have creative and energetic folks that work together.  

By the way- the national survival rate for cardiac arrest is between 5 and 8%.  Not here.  Because of interventions like this one, Arizona’s (witnessed) cardiac arrest survival rate is 32%- 4 to 5 times better than the national average.  Some of our efforts got some great media coverage in the Arizona Republic and on KVOA in Tucson.