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Opening Day: Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care

April 4th, 2014

openingdayThis was a milestone week for our behavioral health program.  Tuesday marked the start of our contract with Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care as the regional behavioral health authority in Maricopa County.  The transition has gone well this week.  Literally 100s of things had to go right in order to have a smooth transition- including Information Technology, eligibility, pharmacy, medical records, claims management, network capacity and a host of other things.  A big thanks go out to the folks at Magellan, MMIC, AHCCCS and our DBHS, IT, and procurement teams for the weeks and weeks of hard work that it took to have a smooth transition for our members.  Well done!

Mercy Maricopa’s core mission is dedicated to providing its members access to care for their behavioral and medical health needs — focusing on the whole person, taking a holistic approach and empowering members to take charge of their health care. A new, secure health information exchange will help physical and behavioral health care providers to share information- leading to better care coordination, improved health outcomes, and reduced costs. Folks interested in learning more about Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care can visit their website, which has a host of resources for members and health care providers.

We’re optimistic that our collective hard work over the last couple of years to develop this new system of care will continue to result in better public health outcomes consistent with our Vision of Health and Wellness for all Arizonans.

Maricopa County Transition Moves a Step Closer

February 26th, 2014


Last week a Superior Court Judge denied a motion to Stay the transition of the Maricopa County behavioral health services contract from Magellan to Mercy Maricopa on April 1.  With this ruling it looks like everything is happening according to schedule. Magellan still has the opportunity to appeal the decision and exercise due process in the matter… but we’ll continue pressing ahead with the transition.

Stay in touch with what’s happening in the behavioral health world by reading our ADHS Behavioral Health Services Blog.

Next Stop On the Due Process Express

December 17th, 2013

As Cory mentioned in his blog last week, the ADOA recently affirmed our award of the Maricopa County integrated behavioral health services contract to Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care and lifted the Stay on transition activities. The Order from ADOA marked one more step in the process of implementing an integrated care model for folks living with a serious mental illness in Maricopa County.  

Magellan elected to exercise their right to additional due process this week by filing a Motion in Superior Court asking for additional review of our and ADOA’s decision- and urging the court to Stay the transition until the review is complete.  In the mean-time, we’ll continue to work with Magellan on the day-to-day management of the current contract as well as continue to work with both Magellan and MMIC on more than 100 transition activities.


Maricopa County Contract Decision Announced

December 4th, 2013

The Department of Administration made a decision about the Regional Behavioral Health Contract for Maricopa County this week.  Deputy Director Cory Nelson explains more about the decision and its impact on the current behavioral health service in his blog.

Behavioral Health Contract Protest Hearing Set

August 2nd, 2013

In May the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) issued a “Stay Order” for the planned transfer of our Maricopa County Behavioral Health Authority from Magellan to Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care.  In June the ADOA decided to ask the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings to conduct an official hearing regarding the October 1 contract award.

This week, the Administrative Law Judge (Hon. Diane Mihalsky) ruled on Magellan’s motion to continue, modify deadlines, and extend the length of the hearing, and the new Hearing Dates will be all day on September 18-20 and September 23-26.   The hearing dates will make it impossible to execute a new contract on October 1…  and we’ll be working with Magellan on an interim plan to continue services until this issue is resolved.

Maricopa County Behavioral Health Contract “Stayed”

May 24th, 2013

Earlier this week the Arizona Department of Administration issued a “Stay Order” for transition related activities connected with the transfer of our Maricopa County Behavioral Health Authority from Magellan to Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care.  This isn’t uncommon during protests, and the Stay wasn’t issued on the merits of the award protest.  It’s more of a procedural decision that allows ADOA to review all the material submitted by Magellan, ADHS and Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care. 

The Stay shouldn’t impact most of our daily business in managing our current contracts.  Areas like the Office of Health Care Development and the Office of Individual and Family Affairs will need to restrict their activity related to the transition until the Stay Order is lifted.  Our legal staff will also be providing advice on daily work in those areas as it relates to preparation for integrated care versus actual transition of services.  More to come…

Behavioral Health Protests Denied this Week

April 19th, 2013

A few weeks ago, we announced that we’ve awarded the contract to manage the Maricopa County Integrated Regional Behavioral Health Authority (beginning on October 1) to Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care, who will be bringing some exciting ideas to the table while building on the great things already happening in our system. 

A couple of weeks ago, 2 of the bidders that didn’t get the award (Magellan Complete Care of Arizona, Inc. and Arizona Physicians IPA, Inc., d/b/a UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, operating as UnitedHealthcare Whole Health) filed protests regarding our decision.  This week Chris Ruth (our ADHS Procurement Officer) denied the protestor’s request for a Stay and upheld the award to Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care.  The protesting entities can either accept that decision or continue the protest by filing an appeal with the ADOA.

Integrated Care Responses On Deck

January 8th, 2013

We all need to take care of both our physical and behavioral health needs in order to be healthy. The mind and body aren’t separated- and neither should the health-care delivery system- especially for folks with a serious mental illness. Folks with a serious mental illness die more than 25 years earlier than the general population… an unacceptable health disparity in anybody’s book. The increased mortality is largely from treatable medical conditions caused by modifiable risk factors like smoking, obesity, substance abuse, and not accessing primary and acute medical care. Population health issues. 

We recognized the need to address this unacceptable health disparity when we put together our Strategic Map and Plan that includes integrating behavioral and acute healthcare. It’s been a long haul and a lot of work- and we passed a major milestone today when folks submitted their bids on our Request For Proposal (otherwise known as RFP) for the delivery of behavioral health services in Maricopa County.  We received bids from: 1) Magellan Complete Care of Arizona, Inc.; 2) Cenpatico of Arizona LLC; 3) Arizona Physicians IPA, Inc. (APIPA), d/b/a UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, operating as UnitedHealthcare Whole Health; 4) Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care; and 5) Partners in Integrated Health, LLC. 

Our evaluation team will begin their analysis shortly…  and we expect the evaluation process to take 8 weeks or so.  The entity that ends up getting the contract will be responsible for delivering both preventative, acute and primary care along with Recovery-based behavioral health services for folks in the public behavioral health system in Maricopa County beginning on 10/1/13.  

It’s difficult to put into words how much work has gone into this solicitation. I know that many of you put this work on top of all your normal work, had put off other projects, and sacrificed some of your home-life for this product- and I just really want you to know that I appreciate it. It’s going to save lives. Stay tuned.