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Regulatory Relief in a Public Health Emergency

February 17th, 2011

I often write about the benefits and leverage we can achieve for our public health goals by partnering with external organizations and Stakeholders, but sometimes the collaborative initiatives are with ourself.  Our Medical Facility Licensing and Emergency Preparedness teams have been working with our licensed facilities to figure out what they’d need in terms of regulatory relief if there’s a public health emergency.

For example, the question of granting and getting regulatory relief in a public health emergency is more complicated that it sounds right off the bat, because there are a host of federal (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) and state rules and regulations that apply (here’s info on the H1N1 declaration).  Kathy McCanna and Connie Belden from Licensing put together a terrific PowerPoint on this subject to help providers to incorporate waiver requests into their disaster plans.   They presented at the January Alternate Care System conference for the Central Region (Maricopa, Gila and Pinal Counties) and will be presenting the material next month at the Western Region conference.  Thanks for going above and beyond.

Licensing and the Arizona Ambulatory Surgery Center Association

October 21st, 2010

The Licensing Division, Office of Medical Facilities recently presented extensive technical assistance during the Arizona Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Fall Conference this month.  Staff from the Licensing Division including Tucson and Phoenix Surveyors as well as Life Safety Code Surveyors and State Architects provided information to about 180 participants.  Topics included the state of current regulatory compliance of the state licensed and Medicare certified outpatient surgery centers in Arizona and included the top 10 deficiencies cited, Life Safety Code, AIA Building Codes, Survey and Certification Process, Interactive Table Discussions, Q and A and ended with  “Jeopardy” to reinforce the information presented throughout the day.

Jeopardy Question:

The very first Ambulatory Surgery Center in the country was formed and opened in 1970.


Where is Phoenix Arizona?