Smoking & Stillbirth

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It’s been almost 50 years since the 1st Surgeon General’s report on the health dangers of smoking and we’re still fighting the battle.  About 43 million Americans smoke despite decades of warnings.  Science continues to uncover dangerous aspects of tobacco use.  A new report highlights the threat to unborn children.  

The study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology used blood samples from stillborn babies to find the impact of smoking, secondhand smoke, marijuana and other prescription drugs.  The results showed double the risk of stillbirth for mom’s who smoked tobacco or marijuana or other stimulant or prescription drugs.  

We know that getting healthcare while you’re pregnant is important – but it’s also important to be healthy before a woman even gets pregnant.  First stop smoking – whether you’re the mom to be or her family.   The ASHLine (our highly successful quit line) has free support and provides tools to help you make and keep the promise to stop using tobacco. Stop using drugs unless your doctor tells you to – there are great resources available in Arizona if you need help. And take care of your body – Power Me A2Z and Every Woman Arizona are geared toward helping women be healthy.



  1. Arlin Troutt says:

    We should have had 100,000 people registered for Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. You have done much behind the scenes to confuse and intimidate patients and doctors.
    A good example is my week old grand baby and how you hurt him. In the “Marijuana Section” of your ADHS Blog you published; “Smoking and Stillbirth. My family read your story, laughed and realized it had nothing to do with marijuana but the doctors and nurses at Mountain Vista must have only read your Marijuana Stillbirth Headline and not the story.
    My daughter is a MMJ patient for a very good reason. She took every precaution and had a registered naturalistic doctor that knows our family and understands our health and religious practices. It was a perfect delivery and a perfect baby in our home. We had my daughter and new grandson transported from the Superstition Mountains to Mountain Vista Hospital in Mesa for a check up to be on the safe side. When the head nurse at the hospital found out that my daughter had a medical marijuana card and informed the doctor, they took the baby away from his mother and tried to give him a “drug test” They warned my daughter that if she tried to breast feed her baby or leave the hospital with him they would call Child Protective Services. This perfect baby and birth at our home turned into a Will Humble hospital nightmare that ended with a call to Attorney “Craig Mehrens” (thank you Craig). Cannabis has a substantial history of safe and effective use in childbirth going back to the Ancient Egyptians but that’s not the point. Mr. Humble, you must realize the damage you are creating with this game you are playing with our health, welfare, safety and lives. This is more than just a disagreement between us on legal opinions. This is not a language game of legal technicalities. People are suffering and dying needlessly. This war on humanity has been lost, the courts have blown the bugle and it’s time to surrender and face the music. Have a nice life.

  2. Farrok says:

    This report is an interesting confabulation of hokum and half-truths. In fact, Marijuana is used by the primitive peoples of the Amazon basin For Childbirth. The plants are searched out and a drink in made from its flowers that is administered for Labor and the pains that are associated with it. Marijuana has no use in Medicine? Tell that to the witch doctors of the Amazon basin.

    The Arizona Department of Health Services confuses Marijuana and Tobacco which have totally different affects on the human body. Tobacco is a highly addictive poisonous drug and Marijuana a healing herb. The ADHS subtly blurs the lines between Tobacco and Marijuana when they are separate compounds. One is safe and one is poison (Tobacco).

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