New Debilitating Medical Condition Applications

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The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (36-2801.01) directs us to accept and review applications to add new debilitating medical conditions that qualify folks to hold patient registration cards.  We outlined the requirements and review procedures in the Rules we adopted (R9-17-106)- which say that we’ll accept applications every January and July.  We’re planning to accept applications during the last week of January (January 23-27th).

Here’s the process: Once we receive an application, we’ll notify the requester that the application was received, and we’ll begin our review.  In order for an application to be successful, the submitters will need to provide evidence as outlined in the R9-17-106 Rule, including: 1) evidence that the medical condition impairs the ability of the individual to accomplish activities of daily living; 2) evidence that marijuana provides a therapeutic or palliative benefit for the condition; and 3) whether conventional medical treatments provide a benefit for the medical condition.  Applicants need to include data from peer-reviewed scientific journals to support the application.

We plan on partnering with the U of A’s Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health and Biomedical Campus teams to review the requests. They’ll be providing us with valuable support, including researching the applications and providing us with summary reports and recommendations using students, faculty and their extensive public health and medical expertise.

If the information provided by the applicant meets the requirements, we’ll schedule a public hearing to discuss the request and provide a date for the hearing.  If the information provided doesn’t meet the requirements, we’ll notify the requester with reasons and provide for a process for requesting judicial review.  You can see more information about the process in our Fact Sheet on submitting petitions.



  1. alyx says:

    Is diabetes applied for?

  2. I’m curious if there are any PSA scheduled… if so, is there an available schedule of dates /times /origin of broadcast?


  3. Just trying to spread the NEWS…

    Someone comment this blog and inform me how long it takes to get moderated… I posted at 4:30 PM yesterday and it has yet to be moderated. No one else has posted yet.

    Here is my question: Do you have any PSA’s scheduled, if so… where, when, and what broadcasting outlets? Thanks – HJM

    Hi, I’ve become jaded to the fact of waking up and scrolling thru the days news events regarding the current status of medical marijuana and reading whether or not the risk of being separated from my family, my bank account being legally robbed and/or my reputation being reduced to the column of ‘the lowest of the low’ society has to offer for consuming, POT, WEED, MARY JANE, or any other slang term attached to cannabis. I am a 51 year old disabled man banned from protecting myself with a firearm because I attempt to DO the right thing as a registered MJ cardholder. I am so disabled, I don’t have the strength nor the dexterity to even pick up a firearm, yet our so called compassionate local/fed government still believes because I prefer to medicate with MJ, I am a danger to society, and if I could actually use a weapon to defend myself or my family from harm… I again become an outlaw. The only dangerous thing about MJ is our local/fed US government who write the laws to ban and undermine the TRUE nature of the plant itself.

    Even though our fed government has been dispensing MJ for decades for medicinal use… it is still a schedule 1 drug that states otherwise, that it has no medical use. Allowing the criminal aspects of the IRS to string a line of abusive verbiage making it questionable to what can and can not be deducted at end of year tax filings. The tally of deaths across our borders upwards of 56,000 – over the last couple of years is barely even mentioned is a direct link to the ‘US WAR ON DRUGS’… make no mistake about it. The level of lack concern and dereliction of duty from our ‘leaders’ for this statistic is appalling and makes me want to throw up on every single one of them that turn a blind eye to this massacre and disregard for human life.

    The new argument is… compassion clubs are fronts for illegal operations and the rising amount of named ailments MJ provides relief for, being reduced to drug addicts playing a fixed system. If an individual goes so far as to risk ruining their life to self medicate, it only makes sense that the individual maintains some form of medical relief blurring the line all together whether MJ use is recreational at all. Over 70 years of US government /major media brainwashing has done a tremendous amount of damage to how our society understands the reality surrounding the topic of drug use at home and around the world. Somehow our local/fed governments place a higher standard on compassion clubs and MJ patients and damning the industry as a whole for individuals finding there way in participating in this fairly new and modern enterprise thousands of years old. Why aren’t pharmacies as a whole industry shut down or hospitals, walmart, liquor stores because some fraction of the law was abused inside the organization of it all. It doesn’t make much sense, other than the threat to those who have the most to loose monetarily or status wise politically.

    As the trend rises to decimalize MJ globally, I see corrupt US governments given dictatorship to define access on the local level in Med MJ voter approved States. It makes more sense to protect the local voter approved MJ status with a local voter approved independent group of patients/business leaders to write the rules & regulations of the use/grow/distribution system other than given free reign to a system of government no longer trusted to honor their ‘OATH’ given duties. Shame on you Arizona, for allowing this type of government to continue.

    I’m embarrassed to be an ‘AZ Med MJ’ cardholder!


    Forgive me for leaving out my thoughts of the stats on prison population and the obvious discrimination of those jailed inside and outside of them… I can only assume my objective was an attempt at the reality as a whole.

    • joyce najafi says:

      Dear Harold: What you hear is the sound of the DHS doing it’s job (nothing). Blog’s are for spreading the word but only the DHS’s word, yours hardly counts. You will not get answered.

      Good luck proving marijuana helps your disease – it is illegal to test it so no one can prove it. That’s why they need the whole group of specially appointed brainiacs from (name removed by editor) to evaluate your claim.

      My blog comment didn’t pass moderation or you would have seen this a month ago. I’m blackballed.

  4. joyce najafi says:

    I wrote an intellegent response regarding the new restrictions on getting a disabling condition included on the list of “approved” ailments for which mj would be prescribed.

    They deleted my response. No one got to read it.
    Don’t fool yourself into thinking his public forum is open and free.

    • Will Humble says:

      Joyce Najafi,
      ADHS will not share comments that insult the general public or individuals. This forum is meant to inform readers of reasons behind decisions and to share constructive ideas on how to better the public health system.

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