Medical Marijuana Dispensary Update

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With the recent ruling in Maricopa Superior Court, ADHS is analyzing the best way to responsibly begin accepting applications for medical marijuana dispensaries. Last week, the Governor instructed ADHS to proceed with the dispensary portion of the AMMA. One of the stumbling blocks was the pending Compassion First vs. Arizona case, which challenged some of ADHS’ rules for prospective dispensary owners. Now that the judge has ruled, ADHS is working to determine the next steps to begin accepting dispensary applications.



  1. Harold J Morales says:

    I’m curious of how long it will take to get this done?

  2. jim says:

    people that will get the dispensaries will not be able to stock their shelves without farmers.

    Just because Fry’s sell milk; doesn’t mean they milk the cows!

    Something needs to be in the law to allow cultivators to supply the dispensaries.

  3. Dar says:

    They need to hurry up too…I have no safe access unless I drive back to Washington!

  4. Tebowie Timothy says:

    A class-action lawsuit will be filed in the coming weeks on behalf of Patients and Caregivers who will otherwise be denied the privilege of cultivating their own medicine when dispensaries open, which is a part of Prop 203 that is very clearly in conflict with the constitution of the State of Arizona. Such a lawsuit will likely tie up the licensing of dispensaries until 2013 sometime.

  5. John McGlone says:

    I went to Kingman, Az. with my wife in late September, 2011, and we were prescribed two medical marijuana cards which we paid $600.00 for. We received the cards, and all the documents in October, 2011, but we still can’t find anywhere to obtain the product. Will the expiration date of the cards be extended until you open some dispenseries, or is there anywhere in the state we can go to purchase some?

    • Lynn says:

      Sorry to say but about the only way you can get your meds is if you have on your card allowed to cultivate.and grow your own or if you know a caregiver. They will not extend the date on our card. Good luck

  6. Corey Miller says:

    Well, now that we can move forward, I would open the licensing for the Agents first! Make sure they are trained up and ready to go!

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  8. Tim Shephen says:

    I this this is going to take a long long time!

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