Medical Marijuana Cards – Time to Renew

March 13th, 2012 by Will Humble Leave a reply »

Believe it or not, it’s been almost a year since we started issuing the first medical marijuana cards for qualifying patients and designated caregivers.  This week marks the beginning of the first renewal period for the folks that applied for cards at the start of the program.  Our medical marijuana webpage has instructions and the link to renew cards. There’s also a fact sheet to tell folks what they need to know about renewing cards (and what happens if they don’t renew). 

Some key points to remember: 

  • Qualifying patients must submit a new current photograph, patient attestation form and physician certification form. 
  • The physician certification form must be dated within 90 calendar days of the application submittal.
  • The application fees for renewal are identical to the application fees for a new application.
  • Folks can begin the renewal process 90 days prior to the cards expiration date. 

Folks need to make sure they use the renewal application and not the new application when you are renew your card.   The renewal page will be updated on Thursday – you’ll be able to start renewing late that day or in the evening.



  1. Dear Mr. Humble,

    First of all, thank you so very much, concerning your time in this matter. I know that it’s an “uphill battle!”

    I’m a “Catastrophically-Incomplete-Nerve Damaged” (VA’s terminology) Paraplegic Vietnam Veteran.

    I’ve served my Country, NOW, I would appreciate a kind return from the Fed’s, State, City, and County, in assisting me in finally executing the bottom line, and let’s get this “deal” underway,” please!

    Last, but not least, WHERE do I go, to get my card? HOW MUCH does it cost for the CARD, and PHYSICIAN? HOW SOON is the turnaround time?

    I’ve gotta get off my “pain” meds, and get onboard with our Creator’s God-given “PLANT!”

    Thank you kindly, sir.



  2. Cheryl says:

    I received a phone call,,saying that I had “been approved” for a medical mafijuna” card. But, the phone number that was left on my voice mail, started with a 480 area code. I’m in Tucson, Az.

    U also, have lung cncer that is becoming painful. I don’t want radiation and chemo, as I have seen the re3sults of such treatments,,working as a nurs, myself. Please, send me a Tucson, Arizona phone number that I may call to receive my card.
    I live on disability, also…so if you would, [;ease include, name of Dr. and cost to see him and the cost ofo the card and how much for the dispensary.

    Thank you
    and Sincerely awaiting a reply



  3. Henry Bowman says:

    Director Humble,

    I’ve been a fan of you and your department throughout this process. However, because of your failure to release the dispensary rules and timeline you and your department are losing credibility.

    At the very least you need to publicly address the issue of the delay. If the AG’s office is holding the process up, please say so. This process could/should have been completed more than a month ago.

    Henry Bowman

  4. Anthony says:

    Dear Mr. Humble,

    I received a card last year and haven’t had a chance to see if marijuana even works for me. After all, any marijuana purchased is illegal. Why? Well let me ask you this. How can anyone grow marijuana if you can’t buy marijuana? It’s a fact that all caregivers MUST have started with an illegal seed or plant because you can not transport marijuana to Arizona legally. Therefore everyone using marijuana is doing so illegally. Even after you allow dispensaries the marijuana will be illegal. Why? Same reason. You can not start a plant from nothing. Therefore any plant that grows in AZ started as an illegal operation.

    I’ve never had a ticket or done anything illegal in my entire life and I’m not going to start now. I know for a fact that if I buy marijuana, it is illegal marijuana and nobody can prove differently. If however Mr. Humble can tell me and others how to obtain marijuana legally, then I’m all ears. But I know that even Mr. Humble can not provide a legal way for us to do this.

  5. Marge says:

    Hi, Will:
    This is slightly off-topic, but germane in light of AMMA getting back on its feet.

    The “final rules” state, in R9-17-319 “Edible Food Products”, that before doing anything, those who want to create marijuana-infused edible food products need to get written authorization from AZDHS. Final rules also state that the intent to produce edibles must be included in the applicant’s bylaws, and that a copy of the written authorization must accompany any edibles provided to another dispensary. Is it correct, then, to assume that approval of an application by an entity whose bylaws include intent to create edibles would constitute the required “written authorization”? Or are there other forms involved?

    If, after opening, a dispensary decides it wants to produce edibles, how does it get the written authorization? Would this have to wait until the time of renewing the registration certificate?

    Thank you for your time and kind attention.

    • Will Humble says:

      Please refer to our FAQ’s.
      DI37: Can a dispensary sell candy and brownies that have marijuana in them?
      Dispensaries must follow several rules to sell edible food products infused with marijuana.

      DI38: How can a dispensary obtain edible food products containing marijuana?
      A dispensary may obtain edible food products containing marijuana in two ways: it can obtain them from another dispensary or prepare the edible food products itself, following applicable food and drink requirements.

  6. Farrok says:

    Mr. Humble: I have a question for you. When patients exchange Medical Marijuana between themselves.

    It is my understanding that Nothing of value can be exchanged between patients when trading Medical Marijuana between themselves, nothing of value, ie: artwork, gold coins, doanations etc……. Now here is my question: Under Arizona are “donatiions” permisable or not? Yes or No.

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