It’s Farmer’s Market Season in AZ

March 7th, 2014 by Will Humble Leave a reply »

March 1 was the kickoff of the new Arizona Farmers’ Market Nutrition season for women and children who participate in the AZ Women, Infants and Children program.  WIC participants are beginning to receive their Farmers’ Market checks to spend for fresh, locally grown, fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets. 

WIC moms and their kids receive $30 worth of Arizona Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program checks to spend at an approved farmers’ market. Coconino, Maricopa, Pima, and Yavapai counties participate in the Program.  This is an important part of our obesity prevention efforts and will help 10,000 WIC participants eat more fruits and vegetables this year.  Check out what it is like to go to a market in the great videos on the WIC Farmers Market website. Be sure to check out the list of WIC Farmers’ Markets in AZ.



  1. kem says:

    that sound great :)

  2. Stop taking all the credit! says:

    Why is it Mr. Humble that everything is “our” program when you work for the taxpayer’s and it’s not YOUR program. Why don’t you give credit to the taxpayer’s where the money comes from and you sure like to feather your nest and make yourself look so important when you are the most incompetent government paid employee on the dole! Please step down before you are fired Mr. Humble. You run every program in the ground but of course no one knows that will all your braggadocio on this website.

    You are a disgrace and of course this comment will never see the light of day!

  3. Bill Hayes says:

    Good job, big bonus for WIC participants

  4. Tisha says:

    A great plan. Let’s make it more popular.

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