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November 15th, 2012 by Will Humble Leave a reply »

Our team just returned from a field inspection for a dispensary applicant in Glendale.  There were no major deficiencies, and we awarded the dispensary an “approval to operate” late this afternoon.  This is the first dispensary approval to operate we’ve issued in the State.  By law, we’re not allowed to publicly disclose the address. 

The fact that a dispensary is now licensed in the Valley also means that the “self-grow” part of the law will change on Friday.  Beginning tomorrow we’ll be declining new “requests to cultivate” among new cardholders in most of the metro area…  because self-grow (12 plants) is only allowed when the patient lives more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary.  The vast majority of the Valley is within 25 miles of this new dispensary.   

We’re also adding a new feature to our website to help people figure out if they live within 25 miles of a dispensary.  Because of the changes to the system, we’ just took the it offline.  We’ll work on it over the weekend and most of the application process should be up and running on Monday.



  1. D. Cassidy says:

    Will see how this pans out since it is now illegal to produce your own medicine. Will patients and their caregivers be arrested ? I believe so…

  2. James Stamey says:

    The article indicated that authorized to cultivate cards would no longer be issued for caregivers within 25 miles of the Glendale dispensary. Will the state stop issuing the cards now that the dispensary has the authorization to operate OR once it is actually open?

    It doesn’t sound like this dispensary is going to open for awhile and it is time to renew my caregiver card.

  3. M.A. says:

    Director Humble,
    According to the Patient FAQ (QP27), the following statement is issued:

    If there is a dispensary within a 25 mile radius, the Department will send the qualifying patient a list of all dispensaries along with a registry identification card indicating that the qualifying patient is not authorized to grow marijuana.

    To be clear, all patients who are not authorized to cultivate medical marijuana will be receiving a list of all dispensaries that have been issued approval to operate by AZ DHS statewide. Is that an accurate statement?

  4. Armand says:

    I just read a news story
    In the story the lawyer for the dispensary stated “will likely wait for several lawsuits by medical marijuana opponents to be adjudicated, and to see how local law enforcement reacts.” before they open.
    How can you reject cultivation rights if they are not operating?

  5. rootney says:

    “approval to operate” does not mean its open, prop 203 says once a dispensary is opererating than you cant grow withen 25 miles of it. The owner even stated he has no plans to open till Dec at the soonest, but has no meds since per the law he has to start from seed and grow his own. Unless Caregiver “GIVE” him FREE mmj with No compensation, and who really is going to do this? Then you shut down the site for new growers till you figure it out. why not leave it up and follow the LAW….

  6. Michele says:

    Mr. Humble,

    I just reread the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and the language says the 25 mile growing exemption kicks in when a medical marijuana dispensary is “operating”. I don’t see any reference to an operating license and the dispensary that passed inspection yesterday admitted to the media they are still two months off from opening. So please refer this to your legal rules department to see what is intended as “operational”.

    Thank you.

  7. Judith C. Kiraly says:

    When will I be able to visit this dispensary? How can I find its address? Will prices be posted? Thanks for your updates. Sincerely, Judith C. Kiraly

  8. Bill Hayes says:

    “The fact that a dispensary is now licensed in the Valley also means that the “self-grow” part of the law will change on Friday. Beginning tomorrow we’ll be declining new “requests to cultivate” among new cardholders in most of the metro area… because self-grow (12 plants) is only allowed when the patient lives more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary. The vast majority of the Valley is within 25 miles of this new dispensary. ”

    way to fail guys. Cutting off cultivation when this dispensary cant even operate according to your own rules for quite some time.

    If “seed to sale” tracking is required, one would assume this dispensary which just finished its approval process has yet to put a seed in the dirt.

    Don’t exactly see a line of patients waiting to GIVE away their hard work in the garden either in order to stock the shelves for this dispensary. So while they may be able to open doors, they technically, according to your own rules, shouldn’t have any meds.

    Someone please elaborate on this great idea of yours, please.

  9. Mark McGlasson says:

    I have had a medical marijuana card for over a year and a half. I live in Waddell, and now with one open in Glendale, is there a way for me to get a list?

  10. Mike D says:

    Dear AZDHS,
    When is this disensary actually opening? Shouldn’t that be the actual day you “revise” the system to eliminate cultivators up to 25 miles away?
    From what I’ve heard, that may not be till mid December….maybe later. How are patients getting their meds if there is a month delay in the opening of this dispensary? Will this dispensary be able to provide the medication necessary to handle ALL the patients in a 25 mile radius? I doubt they will be able to handle all the patients within a 1 mile radius.
    Seems like AZDHS may be jumping the gun on eliminating “self-grow” rights. Im sure AZDHS is eager to say NO to “self cultivators,” but don’t forget all the money you have collected from patients and caregivers paying for those rights and funding this program.
    Overall, I do think azdhs is doing a good job with the medical marijuana program. Just wanted to remind you to think about the patients that actually need this medication, and help support this program by getting their cards and paying the $150 per year (caregivers $200 per patient). This is probably the only AZDHS program that is actually MAKING the state money. Don’t be so quick to bite the hand that feeds.

  11. Will Humble says:

    Please view the latest blog post for clarication.

  12. Greg says:

    Very new to the use of marijuana. Does anyone have any information on dosing I don’t want to be to groggy but i want good pain relief.
    I am on morphine slow release for pain and instant release for break thru pain long term chronic pain. I have a lot of side effects for narcotics and I don’t like using them. My goal is to reduce the use of narcotics

  13. kelly says:

    Which states are allowed to grow marijuana? Our country bans it totally.

  14. Ricy Mardona says:

    Hi. I read your blog and found lots of useful information. Your blog help me a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Mr Gates says:

    I wonder if Arizona will refund caregivers and patients for the $1000s of dollars of equipment???!There already making us pay more at a dispencery $375 an oz seems like they just want us sick patients to be sick and poor with them prices and wast of equipment.I love gardening meds the way I like and there’s already a bunch of compassion clubs wich is the same exact thing as a dispencery I say NO dispencerys yes to growing own meds and yes to compassion clubs.

  16. anonymous says:

    The 25 Mile Rule is setting up monopolies in the state for inferior medical cannabis at inflated prices compared to what a person has already been able to do for themselves for 2 years at a great expense. This is against the Arizona state constitution and will be soon filed as a class action law suit. We, the voters, (as I have spoken to a lot of them) did not see this in the fine print and just wanted compassion laws in this state…NOT ONE person I have spoken too that voted for this law, saw this rule in the fine print that violates our state constitution by providing monopolies for already wealthy people at the expense of suffering people who could either provide for themselves or have a care giver if they are too ill. I don’t understand how you all sleep at night knowing that you are following and reenforcing unethical and immoral “laws” against nature and humanity to a plant that is non-toxic (unlike tobacco) and has never killed a single person in the history of humanity. You even still call it marijuana, which is a racist word propagated by Harry Anslinger. Will Humble you & these state politicians are carrying on the torch of the man who said this…

    (offensive language removed)

    THINK about that the next time you all spew out propaganda that you learned and consider the source!!!

  17. anonymous says:

    Will Humble, if you are responsible for regulating this plant of nature, I suggest buying at least 5 books on the subject and learn about it since it is now your responsibility as Health Director. I noticed on the cards it says that “Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens and can lead to an increased risk of severe health problems” That is misleading information, that is not entirely backed up by the facts, sir. Actually in all the clinical trials that it has been through, they show that cannabis only smokers have less likely chance of getting cancer than people that smoke nothing at all because of the anti-carcinogenic properties of certain cannabinoids like THC and CBD!!! I can provide links, but if you Google “cannabis only smokers get less chance of getting cancer” you will find tons of research to do. Google “the Jamaican studies, Dr. Melanie Dreher: Marijuana & Pregnancy” I think you will also be surprised at the 30 year study! The research is there…you have to ask the right questions and you politicians are not and are not representing the will of the voters, which means we will vote you all out one way or another, because we are VERY active in state politics and we are growing. We are fed up with propaganda, ignorance and lies in this time where we have the whole library of information from human history at our finger tips, there is no more excuses…do your jobs and represent the will of the people for human health and that is one of self sufficiency and education. No doctor or drugs heal us…our bodies heal themselves when we have the right information and are given the right tools; whole, organic foods & herbs like cannabis, pure, structured water for drinking and bathing, clean air with out toxic chem trails and non-toxic cosmetics…these are our main concerns for health and we feel they should be yours too.

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