FDA Approves Painkiller Overdose Field Treatment

April 14th, 2014 by Will Humble Leave a reply »

EIt’s no secret that misuse and abuse of opiate painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin are a large and growing public health threat in Arizona-  misuse and abuse of these medicines are now killing more Arizonans than car crashes.

Last week the FDA approved a prescription treatment called Evzio that can be used in medical emergencies caused by prescription opiates or heroin.  It’s approved to approved to rapidly deliver a single dose of the drug naloxone using a hand-held auto-injector.  The goal is to put this in the hands of non-medical folks who might encounter overdose patients.  Our EMS agencies and hospitals have used naloxone for decades- but this new approval potentially opens administration opportunities to other first-responders as well.

There’s some concern in the medical community about using naloxone in the field because it can cause some pretty bad side effects in folks that have been using opiates for a long time…  but given the increase in deaths related to overdoses, the FDA has taken a pretty bold move.



  1. Arlin Troutt says:

    The number one alternative to deadly and addictive pain killers is marijuana. Mr. Humble wants a controlled double blind placebo study before he will approve marijuana as an alternative to the damage these addictive drugs are doing. But a herb does not require a double blind study like drugs do. Mr. Humble has a conflict of interest with medical marijuana and the “behavior health medication programs he is “highly” involved with. So we have the synthetic pain pill people against the potheads. Nothing new in Arizona except that the citizens have had enough and they are suing Mr. Humble, the ADHS, the County Attorneys, the Governor and the State of Arizona for what they have done to us with the Prohibition of Marijuana and this Policing for Profit, Drug Addiction and Litigation Industry that has sucked the life out of this state to feed bureaucrats. Mr. Humble it is time to admit that marijuana is a first line treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The facts are in front of your face. Do the right thing.

    • Will Humble says:

      Debilitating medical conditions that result in severe and chronic pain qualify patients for an Arizona Medical Marijuana Registration Card right now.

      • Arlin Troutt says:

        I was talking about this money game with pain killers and behavioral health pills (antidepressants) that compete with garden grown marijuana for market share and fill our emergency rooms and morgues. I was discussing how the Addiction and Policing for Profit Industries in Arizona have sucked the life out of our communities. I have my lawsuit ready to file against the State of Arizona and the ADHS for what Mr. Humble has done to the Medical Marijuana Program and me personally. Mr. Humble, would you like to see this lawsuit before I file it and save the Arizona taxpayers a lot of money and embarrassment? We could consider this a “fast track” administrative remedy for the sake of the citizens. Let me know.

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