Doing the Right Thing

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Our Assisted Living Licensing shop received a complaint about physical and verbal abuse of vulnerable adults in an assisted living facility in Casa Grande a couple of weeks ago.  Surveyors Matthew Deise and Doris Laidlaw responded to the facility and interviewed several residents and caregivers at the home, who confirmed that some employees treat the residents disrespectfully.  Some of the residents appeared fearful and unwilling to talk, which can also be a warning sign of abuse- and a signal to dig deeper.  

Although the investigation is still ongoing, our team notified AHCCCS, Adult Protective Services, and the Ombudsman’s office of these concerns to coordinate needed services for the residents and ensure that their safety is protected.  Right after our call- AHCCCS placed 24-hour supervisory staff in the home and another home owned by the same person.  Our team called the owner and manager of both facilities for a meeting the next morning to ensure that they were aware of their responsibility to protect not only the health and safety of the residents, but also the resident’s rights, including the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to express grievances without constraint or fear of retaliation. 

Our team is still working through the details of this case- but it shows how important our licensing work is…  our team is on the front lines of not only keeping people safe- but making sure that they’re treated with dignity and respect.



  1. john says:


    Your team is doing just great, my cousin had been a victim of verbal abuse recently, in a cafeteria. These workers should be fined on spot.

  2. Bill says:


    “Do no harm”

    Anyone that violates that should come under penalty.

    Anyone abusing their power of another individual should be “corrected”

    Patients FIRST!!

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