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February 13th, 2014 by Will Humble Leave a reply »

Last week we had a visit from CMS (Medicare) to check on our plan of correction from a Survey that was conducted last fall at the Civil Units.  Although we won’t get a final report for a while…  we do know that Team ASH did a great job during the survey- ensuring that the surveyors had everything that they needed to meet their objectives.  The required documentation was easy to find, and the surveyors got to see how well our team works together.  

Good teamwork and professionalism all the way around.  Keep up the good work!



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  1. PJ Reed says:

    Nice try, Mr. Humble. But as you well know, the fact remains that had you and your various staff underlings at ASH had acknowledged and meaningfully managed the escalating evidence about the issues at ASH as it emerged over the last 2 or more years, there would have been no cause for the current threat to federal funding, etc., which only arose once such evidence boiled over the rim in terms of local media. Likewise, (name removed by editor) would likely be alive today, and the vast range of other like negative impacts caused by (name) ineptitude, which occurred under your authority, would have been avoided. At each step of this process has played, including and especially with respect for your earlier public denials in the context, I have maintained thorough data and collection of all associated records. And as always, such records do now include this latest propaganda/ “blog” post of yours, as well as my specific comments. In short, your and your staff had every opportunity to address these issues well before things spun so radically out of control, but your willful refusal to meaningfully respond only furthered the narrative specific to these issues, as they stand today.

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