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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Crunch Time

June 7th marked the deadline for allocated dispensaries to file their request for an Approval to Operate from the Medical Marijuana Program.  The lawsuit filed last month allowed for 15 of the 98 allocated dispensaries to submit their Approval to Operate applications after the June 7th deadline, however, all but one submitted their applications by the original deadline.  So far, […]

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Yarnell Hill and Kingman Dean Fire Responses

With one of the worst wildfire tragedies in history happening last weekend, our Health Emergency Operations Center was active all week.  First making sure that there was enough behavioral health support through the Regional Behavioral Health Authorities, then helping provide some specific assistance to the shelters in Prescott and Wickenburg.  

On Tuesday, we pulled special beds out of storage for both the […]

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Visit the New Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resource Center Today

HHS rolled out a new Teen Pregnancy Prevention Resource Center this week.  The online Resource Center is designed for organizations working to prevent teen pregnancy across the country. The TPP Resource Center provides skill-building materials, including webinars, tip-sheets, e-learning modules, and podcasts, in an easy-to-use one-stop shop and provides resources and direct-service information on topics related to teen pregnancy, such as adolescent […]

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2013 ADHS Legislative Summary

Thanks go out to all of our ADHS team that tracked bills throughout the legislative session and provided feedback.  Especially- a huge thanks to Colby Bower to hung tough throughout the entire process. 

There were lots of spinning plates in the air and we managed to watch them all because of our team effort.  This year’s 2013 Legislative Summary has been posted […]

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The Rocket’s Red Glare; the Bombs Bursting in Air

For many people, Independence Day wouldn’t be complete without fireworks.  There are dozens of public fireworks shows around the state, but some people like shooting them.  You’ve probably seen the fireworks displays in local stores and may even have kids asking you to buy some.

We looked at fireworks-related injuries from Arizona hospitals in the last 5 years and found most […]

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Response to Yarnell Hill Fire and Firefighter Deaths

We are mourning the tragic deaths of 19 firefighters at the Yarnell Hill Fire.  We’re working through the Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority to help the firefighters and community there to deal with the loss of life and the speedy evacuation in front of the fire.  The loss of most of the Granite Mountain Hot Shot team affects not just the firefighters […]

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