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Licensing & Rulemaking

Our Licensing & Rulemaking teams have spent the past two years working with numerous associations and stakeholders from various licensed facilities as part of our regulatory reform initiative. The last legislative session extended our “exempt” rulemaking authority through April of 2014. This gave us the unique opportunity to live with the new rules for a little while to find out what [...]

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It’s Farmer’s Market Season in AZ

March 1 was the kickoff of the new Arizona Farmers’ Market Nutrition season for women and children who participate in the AZ Women, Infants and Children program.  WIC participants are beginning to receive their Farmers’ Market checks to spend for fresh, locally grown, fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets.  WIC moms and their kids receive $30 worth of Arizona Farmers’ [...]

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National Audit: Room for Improvement at Skilled Nursing Facilities

Data collection and analysis is public health’s most valuable  renewable resource- which is why we’ve made data analysis such a high priority.  Yesterday, the Office of the Inspector General for HHS published a document that highlights the fact that disciplined data analyses can identify key factors that result in poor outcomes- giving us the information we need to intervene and [...]

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Health Profession Summer Program Opportunity for AZ High Schoolers

Have you ever wondered — Why do people get sick? How can we prevent the spread of disease? What do doctors REALLY do?  If so, the U of A College of Medicine in Phoenix has a summer program for you!  Be a part of Med-Start Phoenix, a two-week day program with a fast paced curriculum sure to help confirm your [...]

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Obesity Drops Among Preschoolers

The latest CDC obesity data published in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association found a significant decline in obesity among kids aged 2 to 5. Obesity prevalence for this age group declined by 43% in the last 8 years (from 14% in 2004 to 8% in 2012.  While the precise reasons for the decline in obesity aren’t clear, [...]

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Midwife Practice Collaborative

Our Licensing team promotes and protects public health and safety by addressing quality of care issues.  Last week we hosted a forum for our licensed midwives to learn more about our programs and resources to bring them up to speed on our newest initiatives related to maternal and child health so they'll have the latest tools in their practice toolkit.  About [...]

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