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Empowering Habits, Empowering Lives: Superheroes Empowering Arizona!

CaraChrist_EmpowerThis past weekend, we held the fourth annual “Empowering Habits and Empowering Lives” Empower Conference. More than 250 Early Care and Education professionals from all over Arizona participated in the all-day meeting. Conference participants explored the Empower Program’s 10 Standards to Empower Children to Live Healthy Lives and learned how to be […]

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Surviving Triple Digits in Arizona

extreme-heatIn Arizona it doesn’t have to be summer for the temperatures to soar.  With the first 100 degree day in Phoenix today, we know the scorching heat is right around the corner.  High outdoor temperatures aren’t just an inconvenience; they’re dangerous. Heat is the number one killer weather-related cause of death […]

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Grant Funding Helps Homeless Across Arizona

iStock_000041434018_blogAt the end of March, the men’s overflow shelter closed in downtown Phoenix.  The shelter housed up to 350 homeless men at full capacity. The city condemned the building for asbestos.

We’re one of many community partners responding to the housing needs of vulnerable people in Arizona.  Our permanent supportive housing program […]

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Community Paramedicine Survey Results Coming Soon

PThe Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Trauma System  recently surveyed nearly 200 EMS agencies across the state to determine (1) whether they had or intended to begin a community paramedicine program, (2) if so, which medical conditions they intend to focus on and (3) what type of services they intend […]

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