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Power Me A2Z: Our New Evidence-Based Preconception Health Intervention

We’ll be turning the key on our newest evidence-based preconception health initiative next week.  Look for the rollout of PowerMe A2Z- which is our innovative public health campaign that promotes healthy living among young women in Arizona. The goals are to help young women to take a multivitamin with folic acid, to promote healthy eating, active living, maintaining a healthy weight, [...]

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Camelus dromedarius & Our State Public Health Lab

Last year, a new SARS-like virus called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) broke out in Saudi Arabia. Since then, 94 cases of the very lethal disease have been reported by the World Health Organization (50% of the cases have been fatal).  All the cases have been on the Arabian Peninsula.  The virus causes severe respiratory symptoms like fever, cough, [...]

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Stop the Silent Killer

Drowning happens quickly and quietly in a matter of minutes.   It happens in all kinds of places – bathtubs, swimming pools, buckets – anything with water.  So far this year in Arizona, 27 people have died including 6 children.  Last year that number was sixty - 20 were children.  August is Drowning Impact Awareness Month.  For the rest of the [...]

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Childhood Obesity: Turning the Tide?

We finally got some better news from the childhood obesity public health front this week.  Tuesday’s CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report found that childhood obesity rates are stabilizing or decreasing slightly across the country.  In fact, 19 states had a significant downward trend in obesity prevalence among low-income preschoolers.  There was no change in Arizona- but that’s better than [...]

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Vision Awards x 2

One of the most important aspects of public health is sharing effective, creative ideas with other public health agencies so more people can benefit from what we learn.  Each year the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials highlights really good programs with their Vision Awards.  This year, they selected 2 from Arizona to share at the annual conference next [...]

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Pre- School & Special Needs Kids

A couple of months ago I heard a story from a parent of a special needs kid who told me that she was trying to find a pre-school- but her kid was denied admission.  She said that the facility told her that our licensing regulations wouldn’t allow the school to admit her child because he or she wasn’t completely potty [...]

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