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Men’s Health Week Time to Think about Our Health

This week is Men’s Health Week – the worldwide event happens every year before Father’s Day calling attention to the issues that affect men’s health. Many groups take the opportunity to talk about men’s health – we should be thinking about our health every week.  The top health issues that impact men’s health are also some of the easiest issues […]

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PE, Math and English Go Hand in Hand

The Institute of Medicine just released a new report that recommends schools make physical education a core subject, just like math and English.  According to the report…  44% of school administrators reported cutting significant time from PE classes in order to devote more time to reading and math over the last 10 years.  There’s pressure to increase classroom time for standardized test […]

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Employee Wellness Standards Locked In

The Fed’s issued their final regulations for worksite wellness programs under the Affordable Care Act this week.  The final rules are designed to incentivize workplaces to develop and execute health promotion programs.  The goal is to improve health and wellness among workers and to limit growth of health care costs moving forward. 

The regulations outline standards what they call “health-contingent wellness […]

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Smokers Cost Employers $6K More

A new Ohio State University study found smokers cost businesses about $6,000 more than nonsmokers every year.  The researchers used the cost of increased absenteeism, lost productivity, smoke breaks and health care  to reach the $6K/year figure – not surprisingly, smoke breaks account for the biggest share of the cost. 

More and more businesses are creating stronger worksite wellness programs.  Arizona, for example, has a great benefit in place for […]

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What’s Our Most Popular Report?

It’s called the 2011 Arizona Health Status and Vital Statistics Annual Report… and last year’s report got hit upon 2,000,000 times.  It gives our most granular public health information of the year including refined health statistics on pregnancies, births, reportable diseases, deaths, inpatient hospitalizations, emergency room visits, marriages, divorces and population for Arizona.  The report provides critical data for health policy formulation, local, state, and federal programs […]

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Poisoning is the Leading Cause of Injury Deaths in Arizona

When you think of the leading cause of deaths related to injuries, the first thing many people will think of is car crashes. While automobile crashes can be deadly—especially when drugs and alcohol are involved—the leading cause of injury-related deaths in Arizona is poisonings.  A new report we recently released shows that there were 1,144 deaths due to poisoning in […]

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