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How infectious is Ebola?

SONY DSCEpidemiologists (aka disease investigators) use a number of tools to estimate the contagiousness and spread of a disease.  One such tool is the R0 (R nought), which represents the average number of people one sick person will infect.  It’s calculated by estimating the chances of exposure, number […]

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Ebola Toolkits

ebolaOne of the roles we play in any outbreak is making sure that our partners in the state have all the information they need to respond to a situation and be safe in that response. I’ve posted about our continuing education of those partners, but now we’ve created a […]

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Is Your Healthcare Facility Ready for Ebola?

ebolaTwo Ebola virus disease cases have been identified among healthcare workers in Texas, underscoring the importance of maintaining strict adherence to infection control precautions when working with Ebola patients.  We know that the general public in the US isn’t at risk – but we also know that healthcare workers have the highest risk.  The good news is that the risk […]

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Plague over the Centuries

plagueRing around the roseies, A pocket full of posies, Ashes, ashes! We all fall down!

In 1348, London was 4 million strong, but within 2.5 years a third of those had “fallen down.”  The streets were narrow and cramped, often piled ankle deep with human and animal waste. The putrid smell contaminated […]

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