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Melanoma Reporting

melanomaMelanoma skin cancer is the deadliest form of skin cancer.  Many believe that Arizona has similar age adjusted incidence rates to Australia, the world’s highest rate.  But during the middle of the last decade, the Arizona Cancer Registry data showed a puzzling decline in cancer rates.

The AZ Melanoma Task Force […]

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2014 AIDS Walk

AIDS walk ribbonHIV/AIDS affects or infects over 15,000 people in the state of Arizona.  HIV has become a chronic disease, one that can be managed, which means most people are not dying of AIDS.  However, there are still a […]

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How infectious is Ebola?

SONY DSCEpidemiologists (aka disease investigators) use a number of tools to estimate the contagiousness and spread of a disease.  One such tool is the R0 (R nought), which represents the average number of people one sick person will infect.  It’s calculated by estimating the chances of exposure, number […]

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