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Trash Your Stash

got-drugs-buttonAbuse of prescription drugs is a public health epidemic, but you can do your part in helping to curb access to prescription drugs with one simple step: get rid of your old and unused medications.  This weekend is the National Prescription Drug […]

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What Zero Grams (0g) of Trans Fat Really Means

food label for blogEating foods with trans-fat (or trans fatty acids) raises low-density lipoprotein (“bad” cholesterol), lowers your high-density lipoprotein (“good” cholesterol), and is linked to heart disease.  Trans fat provides no health benefit and there’s no safe level of eating trans-fat.  The FDA, American Heart Association, and the Institute of […]

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We Can Prevent Suicide

This is national suicide prevention month. What can you do to prevent suicide?  Look for the warning signs:

  • Those talking about wanting to die
  • Those giving away their possessionsS
  • Those feeling hopeless, or intensely lonely
  • Those experiencing mental or physical pain
  • Those increasing their use of substances
  • Those discussing revenge
  • Those demonstrating extreme mood swings
  • Those sleeping in excess
  • Those isolating themselves […]
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The Ebola Intervention Roadmap

ebolaThe pace of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has quickened over the last few weeks.  There have now been over 4,900 cases and 2,400 deaths (half in the last month).  The WHO has warned that by October, we may see the number of Ebola cases doubling every three […]

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Influenza Preparedness

fluIt’s coming up on the harvest season for infectious diseases, and many of our ADHS teams are gearing up. We’re monitoring the number of flu cases reported across the state (we’ve only had 1 in the last couple weeks), supporting distribution of flu vaccines, encouraging healthcare workers and the public […]

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Bringing Down AZ’s Teen Pregnancy Rate

ArizonaWe’re showing success in reducing our teen age pregnancies.  It’s one of our winnable battles because babies born to teen moms are more likely to have bad birth outcomes; teen moms are likely to drop out of school and live in poverty.  Since 2002, our teen pregnancy rate has […]

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