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School & Teen Drivers

Back-to-school time means that a new bolus of high-schoolers that got their license over the summer are hitting the streets for the first time during the school year.  All the data suggests that the first year of driving is an especially important time for skill development.  Fortunately, our State has a “Graduated Drivers License” law to help better develop skills and […]

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Back to School!

Not so long ago (actually a long time ago) when I was a student I was bummed when it was back to school time.  Now as a parent…  I can’t wait.  This year we thought we’d pull together a hub website for parents and grandparents to find resources and information with helpful hints about the start of school.   Our brand-new […]

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Behavioral Health Contract Protest Hearing Set

In May the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) issued a “Stay Order” for the planned transfer of our Maricopa County Behavioral Health Authority from Magellan to Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care.  In June the ADOA decided to ask the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings to conduct an official hearing regarding the October 1 contract award.

This week, the Administrative Law Judge (Hon. Diane […]

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ADHS’ Immunications Newsletter

For the last few years our Immunizations team has been sending out revised and updated Immunications newsletters. The newsletters are geared to keep our stakeholders and partners current on the state and local immunization issues.  You can sign up to receive Immunications via email or get a hard copy in the actual mail. 

The current issue of Immunications has: an assessment of AZ immunization coverage; […]

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Setback for Polio Eradication

As I’ve mentioned in past updates, global efforts to eradicate polio through widespread immunization campaigns have been incredibly successful. Back in May of this year, only three countries still had endemic polio cases – Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Unfortunately, for the first time since 2007, wild poliovirus cases are again being reported in Somalia. Currently, 65 cases have been reported […]

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Dispensary Ruling

The Superior Court judge ruled this morning that our requirement for Registration Certificate holders (dispensaries) to get an approval to operate within one year in order to renew their certificates is unreasonable.  Because of today’s ruling, we’re going to accept renewal requests for all the current dispensaries in the state, whether they’re open or not.  The initial year for dispensaries is […]

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