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Life Coach Tips for College Freshmen

teenGoing to college is fun and exciting.  As is the case with all life transitions, getting some helpful hints in advance can smooth out the adjustment time and help create a better and healthier outcome.  Make it a point to review the following “life coach tips” with your young adult (like I’ve […]

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The 5th “Vital Sign” & the Painkiller Epidemic (Part III of V)

prescriptionIn Part I and Part II of this series we’ve introduced the idea that contemporary pain management strategies have resulted in an epidemic of painkiller misuse and abuse that’s killing large numbers of people.  In fact, misuse and abuse of opiate prescription painkillers takes out more people every year […]

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Stories to Make You Smile

biscottiIn 2012 the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (the DDPC works out of the 4th floor of our 1740 building) partnered with the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC) to develop new self-employment opportunities.  The Home Baked and Confectionary Goods law was used as the foundation for […]

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Suicide & Depression: A Critical Arizona Winnable Battle

iStock_000041434018_blogDepression strikes more people than you might think.  Some 300,000 people in Arizona live with major depression.  It may take years from when symptoms first emerge and to when people finally get help.  Less than one-third of adults with a diagnosed mental illness receive treatment.  Often, it’s the friends and family […]

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Employment First Initiative

PArizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council is sponsoring a series of six Employment First Community Forums to develop a comprehensive strategic plan designed to promote employment for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  A broad coalition of self-advocates, family members, service providers, educators, state agencies, advocates and employers are sharing […]

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Partnering to Improve a System

120_blogThursday we celebrated our recent statewide success at reducing the time it takes newborn screening blood spot samples to get to our State Laboratory for testing.  Over the last 8 months, Arizona has improved our blood spot turn-around time to among the best in the country.

Folks from dozens of hospitals came […]

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