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Border Car Seat Safety Program Moves Forward

A cooperative partnership between Arizona and Sonora highlights the importance of a safe ride home for all children and their families. Car seat use in Arizona is about 90%, yet car seat use in Sonora is less than 20%.  A lot of this is because car seats cost more in Mexico than they do in the US- making them less [...]

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International Data Sharing

Arizona and Sonora have a long history of collaborating on many projects over the years.  We long ago understood that disease doesn't stop at the border.  Arizona and Sonora were the 1st states along the U.S.-Mexico Border to share information on cross border cases in an organized way.  Since 2008, we’ve been sharing this information electronically with Sonora Secretaria de Salud [...]

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Border Bi-National Health Week

I’ve was in DC much of last week working alongside many of the health officers from the 10 US Mexico border states.  We had meetings with the U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission as well as events associated with Border Binational Health Week.  Border Bi-national Health Week is just one of the initiatives of the Commission- whose goal is to promote sustainable cross- border [...]

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Evaluating a Trauma System

How do we evaluate Arizona’s trauma system, you ask?  Good question.  Over the next few weeks I’ll  blog about “Trauma System Evaluation 101” as well as some of the evaluation tools we use to assess Arizona’s trauma system.  The goal of any trauma system is to get the right patient to the right place in the right amount of time.  [...]

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Valley Fever Clinical Trial

Earlier this week, a big event happened in Bakersfield, California where federal, state, and local officials met for a Valley Fever symposium. The symposium was led by California Congressman Kevin McCarthy.  Rep. McCarthy was joined by Arizona Congressman David Schweikert, co-chair of the House of Representatives Valley Fever Task Force, Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control [...]

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Dogs & River Blindness

Last year a young child came down with onchocerciasis in northern Arizona.  Onchocerciasis, is caused by a filarial worm similar to dog heartworm and the roundworm that causes elephantiasis.  This child had a dog-related species (Onchocerca lupi) of the roundworm in her neck next to her spinal cord and was the first documented case in the US. A few other cases [...]

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