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Ventanillas de Salud Snags the AMC Fannin Award

The annual plenary session of the Arizona-Mexico Commission wrapped up last night with some important health events.  The Ventanilla de Salud (Health Windows) program won the Arizona Mexico Commission’s Paul Fannin award for our public health collaborations last Friday night.  This is a top award for the Commission- with the award going to “… an organization that has demonstrated acts of goodwill and support toward the development of the Arizona-Sonora relationship.”  [...]

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Our Southern Neighbor’s Healthcare System

About 10 years ago Mexico’s healthcare system experienced a radical transformation. With the creation of the “System of Social Protection in Health” Mexico set in motion a process to provide universal access to healthcare for the entire country.  Prior to implementing the System of Social Protection in Health, access to care was largely restricted to those who were employed by [...]

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New ADHS Annual Reports

Sprinkled throughout state statute, ADHS has several required reports that we issue on a regular basis. These reports are important and help create and maintain a level of transparency and accountability in everything we do. We recently published the annual Smoke Free report, and the Food Analysis Safety Report, and our 2013 Agency Annual Report, highlighting all the accomplishments in 2013. [...]

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Why is Ozone Bad?

The regular Oxygen that we breathe is 2 oxygen atoms hooked together to make an oxygen molecule O2.  Ozone is an oxygen molecule that has 3 oxygen atoms (O3).  That third oxygen atom makes it reactive- especially with mucous membranes and lung tissue- which leads to health problems when people or animals are exposed to too much ozone. Ozone becomes a health [...]

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Turning the Tide on Dialysis Infections

Our 2nd annual ADVICE Collaborative II (called Turning the Tide on Infections) was held on May 17. Over 168 attendees representing the dialysis provider community, ADHS licensing, ADHS infectious disease services and Healthcare Associated Infections Advisory Committee End Stage Renal Disease Subcommittee continued their learning, sharing and networking to improve infection control performance in dialysis centers. Tamara Hoxworth from the Colorado Department of [...]

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New (Higher) Fish Consumption Recommendations for Pregnant Women

Last week the FDA & EPA announced new draft fish consumption recommendations for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. The new recommendations recommend at least 2 servings of low-mercury seafood every week. The recommendations are a big shift for the FDA & EPA- whose previous seafood advisory in 2004 set only an upper limit on the amount of fish that these [...]

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