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Southern AZ RBHA Procurement Protest

arnold-sarn1In mid-December (2014) we awarded contracts for the Northern and Southern regions of the state to Health Choice Integrated Care (Northern AZ) and Cenpatico Integrated Care (in Southern AZ).  On January 2nd United Healthcare filed a Protest with the ADHS for the award in Southern AZ, requesting an Emergency Stay and […]

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Coping with Stress

WStress can have a profound impact on health and affects your body, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.  Symptoms like chronic headaches, insomnia, and lower productivity can be a direct result of stress.  Being able to recognize common stress symptoms can give you a jump on managing them.  Stress management is important, because, […]

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Ebola Interventions Working

ebolaThere has been tremendous progress in controlling Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa in the last month.  New Ebola cases have fallen sharply in the last few weeks to fewer than 100 per week.   For the week ending January 25, there were 4 new cases in Liberia, 30 in Guinea and […]

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To Everything, There is a Season

When I started working at our agency in 1992 (doing risk assessments for state superfund sites) I never dreamed that one day I’d have the honor of serving as the agency director.  Quite honestly, I never had a goal of being the director- but somehow it just happened.  This has been an awesome job.  […]

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Thanks a Million

Award CertificateOne of the services we sometimes take for granted is mail service.  At ADHS we have a small mailroom, staffed by Susan Barnes and Meredith Chernov, who processes mail sent through the US Postal Department and the inter-office mail between state offices.

In 2014 our mailroom processed over 1,000,000 pieces of […]

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