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Sugar, Sugar

Sugar has been in the news with a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine that took a look at sugar intake and deaths from heart disease. The study used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and included surveys from 1988 through 2010.  Some of the findings were things we already know, like most adults in the US consume [...]

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AZ EMS Jobs for Veterans

Around the Country, State Emergency Medical Services offices are looking for ways to help returning Veterans with medical experience find employment in the EMS industry.  We’ll be making it a priority in 2014 to engage more Veterans with EMS experience to use their skills in Arizona’s progressive EMS and Trauma System.   We have a couple big things working in our [...]

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Arizona’s First Ever State Health Assessment

Today we published Arizona’s first ever comprehensive State Health Assessment. The objective of the State Health Assessment is to give Arizona’s public health and health care systems a clear tool to help drive future decision-making and resource allocation as we collectively design and implement evidence-based interventions to improve health and wellness outcomes across Arizona.   The Assessment uses Arizona-specific data to [...]

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ASH Recheck

Last week we had a visit from CMS (Medicare) to check on our plan of correction from a Survey that was conducted last fall at the Civil Units.  Although we won’t get a final report for a while…  we do know that Team ASH did a great job during the survey- ensuring that the surveyors had everything that they needed [...]

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Community Paramedicine Workshops Scheduled

On previous Blogs I’ve shared information about Community Integrated Paramedicine.  One of the most promising opportunities for Community Paramedicine is in working with hospitals to prevent readmission of patients with diseases like diabetes, asthma or congestive heart failure.  It’s also a great opportunity for EMS providers to provide some coaching on other prevention initiatives including childhood immunizations, smoking prevention and [...]

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Car Seat Collection Launch

The child safety seat exchange program we established as cooperative partnership via the Arizona-Mexico Commission last summer is moving forward.  We’ve established a new partnership with Rural Metro and Southwest Ambulance to serve as collection sites for people who want to donate their gently used car seat that will be donated to families in Sonora.  As part of the program, [...]

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