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Coming Attraction: AZ’s 1st State Health Assessment

Publication of Arizona’s very first State Health Assessment is just around the corner  The 2013 Arizona State Health Assessment will use AZ quantitative and qualitative data to assess the public health status of the state.  The end product will be a comprehensive summary of the 15 leading health issues that have the greatest impact in Arizona. 

Over 10,000 community members participated across […]

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New AZ Cancer Report

Surveillance is a cornerstone of public health practice because it gives us the tools we need to identify priorities and craft effective interventions to improve outcomes.  Cancer surveillance is no exception.  Our Arizona Cancer Registry tracks and monitors the number and types of cancer cases in the state and publishes reports periodically.  Our new report shows that we’re continuing to […]

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AZ’s Trauma System Makes the News Again

Four years ago- AZ’s Trauma System was really in its infancy.   We had 7 Level I (high-end) Trauma Centers…  but that’s it.  After 4 years and a full court press- we now have a functional statewide trauma system to help folks who get injured outside the metropolitan areas that includes 31 trauma centers including 16 of the Level IV Centers in rural […]

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How do we age successfully?

Guest Post Written by Melanie Mitros, PhD, Director of the Arizona Living Well Institute:

Make regular deposits in your health account while minimizing the withdrawals!

Invest in your health by exercising regularly, eating a nutritious diet, managing stress and chronic conditions, and engaging with family and community as well as volunteering.

As the vision of healthy aging in AZ began to emerge with […]

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Power Me A2Z: Our New Evidence-Based Preconception Health Intervention

We’ll be turning the key on our newest evidence-based preconception health initiative next week.  Look for the rollout of PowerMe A2Z- which is our innovative public health campaign that promotes healthy living among young women in Arizona. The goals are to help young women to take a multivitamin with folic acid, to promote healthy eating, active living, maintaining a healthy weight, […]

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Camelus dromedarius & Our State Public Health Lab

Last year, a new SARS-like virus called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) broke out in Saudi Arabia. Since then, 94 cases of the very lethal disease have been reported by the World Health Organization (50% of the cases have been fatal).  All the cases have been on the Arabian Peninsula.  The virus causes severe respiratory symptoms like fever, cough, […]

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