5 Years of Behavioral Health Innovation Paying Dividends (Part II)

April 22nd, 2014 by Will Humble Leave a reply »

dividendsOver the next couple of weeks I’ll continue reflecting about some of the innovative strategies that we’ve implemented with our behavioral health community partners over the last several years to improve the health status of folks with a serious mental illness. Last week I wrote about the Integrated Health Homes initiative.

Another success has been improvements in our Crisis Response System.  In Maricopa County, Magellan, with providers and partners, restructured and overhauled the system to reduce congestion at emergency rooms- decreasing the amount of time first responders spend processing an admission to behavioral health acute care service from 2.5 hours to 7 minutes.  A strong performance by any standard.  Next week, I’ll cover improvements to the kids system of care.


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  1. Arlin Troutt says:

    This is the ADHS list of drugs they use for “Behavioral Health” I have watched the effect of these homicide/suicide pills in my home and in my community that turn people into Zombies. Taking pills to forget about your problems does not solve your problems. The state of Arizona passes out these behavioral drugs to the poor like candy for anything from loosing a job to loosing a girl friend (sic). This is the Addiction Industry that the Medical Marijuana people have been fighting for 50 years. Synthetic drugs are dangerous and there is an epidemic of these homicide/suicide pills that are making people violent and pulling the trigger in these unconceivable murders and massacres. These “behavioral health drugs and the people that sell them and distribute them are out of control also.

    Division of Behavioral Health Services
    Drug List and Prior Authorization Guidelines

    ADHS/DBHS Drug List

    ADHS/DBHS Prior Authorization Guidance Documents

    ADHD Medications in Children Under 6 Years Old
    Antidepressants with Cytochrome P450 Mediated Drug Interactions
    Antipsychotic Medications in Children Under 6 Years Old
    Brand Name Antipsychotic Augmentation of Antidepressant Therapy
    Brand Name Medications
    Concomitant Antidepressant Treatment
    Concomitant Antipsychotic Treatment
    Exceeding FDA-Recommended Maximum Daily Dosages
    Formulary Brand Name Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotics

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