3 Medical Conditions Move to Hearing

August 28th, 2013 by Will Humble Leave a reply »

Three of the petitions to add debilitating conditions to the medical marijuana program that we received last month will be moving forward to a public hearing, which will be on Tuesday, October 29 from 9 am to noon in our State Lab conference room.  We’ll also broadcast the hearing via Livestream. 

The petitions are for PTSD, Migraines, Depression.  All these conditions have already been through the review process in previous petitions- but we’ve asked the UA College of Public Health to look for any new literature that has been published on these topics since the previous review.  This will be the first set of hearings since the first round back in 2012.



  1. Doug says:

    Let me hazard a guess, No, No, and No.

  2. Migraines (Debilitating Medical Condition) says:

    Mr. Humble,

    As the person who submitted the petition to add Migraines, is it possible to have the public hearing broadcast as well in your Arizona Department of Health Services Tucson office? I live in Tucson and it is an expensive drive (both in time and gas money) to come up to Phoenix and present my information (as the petition submitter) on migraines. I could just as easily present in the Tucson office and I’m sure I could get a nice crowd to come out locally and support the hearings. Could you please consider having your Tucson office open for the hearings and I would be glad to offer my testimony at your office there.

    Thank you for posting this information today, very helpful.


  3. David says:

    will there be another round soon? I am very interested in opening up a medical office and wanted to know how much time I have left to get everything together.

    Thank you

  4. Nana says:

    I have been perscribed the same 6 Meds by 3 different Doctor’s with the acception that 1 also perscribed insulin. I obeyed instructions by taking the medication. each time I became extremely not well, out of breath and depressed. each time I quite the medication an went to a homeopath to assistment in advice of natural herbs and supplements I began to feel better. the last time on traditionals I did my best to stick with the medication but the feeling of being not well and depressed was overwhelming. Now it has been 4 months that I have felt better than I have in 8 months of meds with extreme side effects.

    Here’s my Question: There needs to be a lobbyist willing to take on the Health Insurance companies to give the Member/patient the ability to choose Traditional or NaturalpathHomeop-therapy means or managing there health condisions and services offer.

    If Health Insurance companies and Health aid systems are willing to paid $300. for 30 pills when the patient can get 60 pills for $24.99. Wouldn’t it be more cost efficient to all paying concerns to give the member/clent the choice.


  5. Randy says:

    While I have done no personal research, I know many Veterans who have been prescribed in this state for various other ailments who have reported that it has eased their symptoms of PTSD. They state they are better able to sleep at night, and their anger has decreased. There are positive reports coming out of other states as well.

    I hope PTSD is placed on the list.

  6. Rick Rosio says:

    Here is a website for Veterans and their loved ones to answer questions about combat related injuries and stressors and cannabis therapy. http://www.veteransforcompassionatecare.org
    We will fight for our Veterans..no one is left behind!

  7. Robert Giordano says:

    It’s been a long time since my girl has said”honey you were screaming last night and trying to crawl under the bed. Its been a long time since I’ve spent time in the holding center. 100% service connected, total and permanent, unemployable. My condition, PTSD. I loved teaching. Almost 40 years in the classroom. Broke my heart when I couldn’t continue. Some wounds you can’t see. The VA has done a great job keeping me above the grass for the last 50 years and I thank them. Bobby G. 1st. Inf. Div. Quan Loi 67.

  8. Chris says:

    My anxiety has been so bad this year I have thought about ending my life. The drugs my doctor gives me just puts me to sleep. So either I sleep or want to die. MJ has been the only thing in the past that had made me feel like a normal person. I pray someone will help me and approve this. Otherwise, not sure I want to go on with life. Anxiety makes me feel like I’m going to die anyway. : ( Companies don’t study MJ because it’s not a man made drug. They have no money to be made from it.

  9. Sean says:

    I am manic depressive and had taken all sort of anti depressants over the years. They all made me feel like an emotional zombie though. I started smoking pot and it really helped with my depression and anxiety, allowing me to progress with my life instead of spending all of my time alone in my dark room. I’ve had two jobs in the past ten years. The first I was with six and a half years amd the second for three years. I never called into work “sick” for a weed hangover.

    Now yhe problem is that I recently quit my job and therefore had to quit smoking. Made it two and a half weeks before my anxiety and depression got so bad that I finally caved in and smoked to get some relief and start regulating my sleep patterns again. It would be great if they would decide to make depression a prescribable condition so I could get the help I need without fear of arrest and actually be able to get a job. I am not lazy by any means and am a very dedicated and hard worker whether medicated or not.

    I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I would really like to be able to get on with my life and continue to help people.

  10. Jane says:

    So what has happened since the hearing? It is extremely difficult to get any information on this issue and the status on depression. Those of us with these “physical” illnesses are desperately waiting for any new treatment. Afterall, the brain is a part of our body and illnesses affecting the brain are physical.

  11. Farrok says:

    The totality of Modern Medicine is to relieve Human Suffering.

    Not to strangled by lawyers tongues and data that has been fouled by political dogma, the purpose of Medicine is to relieve Human Suffering.

    While thousands of Arizona Citizens suffer you dither over this and that and none existent studies than have never been done nor will they, as they have never been permitted nor will they ever be…..

    Yet, you will Not take the Word and personal medical experiences of Thousands and thousands of Citizens of Arizona? Don’t let these People suffer; do the right thing and permit the use of Medical Marijuana for these illnesses.

    Yet in two nearby States Marijuana is completely legal and the ill and suffering are denied access to it in Arizona? All this red tape and this and that foisted to block access to this medicine is an experiment in Human Cruelty courtesy of AZ Dept. of Health Services…………..

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